The deafening silence of NY's black political leadership
The deafening silence of NY's black political leadership

It’s the time of year when many public leaders publicize in Jewish publications, sending greetings and support for the Jewish community.

And there's the joke, we actually believed it.   Or, better yet, we supported it. We honor these leaders at candle lightings.  They attend our Jewish organization fundraisers. Why are they there?  

Don't delude yourselves anymore. They are seeking out our Jewish donors for their campaigns.  

It works, because in the blue state of New York, Republican candidates, even good ones with records of working within and for Jewish communities, have a problem with winning during the past decade.

Where are they? They don’t feel any need to speak up, deplore, or maybe - just maybe - take action against those antisemites stabbing, punching and intimidating Jews.
Jews, regardless of age, religious affiliation or financial situation, as a whole, support Democrat candidates on all levels of government in New York State.

So, who did we have to blame when Congressmen like Gregory Meeks boycotted Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu’s speech in Congress in 2015?  Who did we blame when Congresspeople Yvette Clarke and Hakeem Jeffries voted in favor of a two-state solution, like they did in early December, to defy Pompeo's recognition of Judea and Samaria? 

On the state and local levels it’s worse.  We helped elect an assembly and state senate led by Speaker of the House Carl Heastie, Majority Leader Crystal Peopkes-Stokes and State Senate Leader Andrew Stewart-Cousins.  All three leaders are black and supported by the Jewish community.

Where are they? They don’t feel any need to speak up, deplore, or maybe - just maybe - take action against those antisemites stabbing, punching and intimidating Jews on subways or on the streets, or in our shuls, yeshivas and now evenourhomes.

The excuse “In New York, you can vote President Trump, but you must vote Democrat for everything else" is now proven to be nonsense!

There is only ONE way that hate crimes and anti-Semitism will end.   It’s simple, close our wallets, say why and if things don't change in an obvious way, change our party affiliations.  

This article is not about collectively juding black people.  The black people I associate with are Zionists.  The black people who are my friends - and I am sure many more - are embarrassed and horrified about the ongoing hate crimes that people of color have perpetrated. 

My friends figured out something a long time ago about the Democrat Party Black leadership that we can take a lesson from.  Black Democrat, Progressive leadership in the United States, from Jesse Jackson and Louis Farrakhan on to Barack Obama, hurt the Black community overall.  

They once believed in the  Democratic leadership in Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Los Angeles, and yes, New York. Then they saw failing school systems, homelessness on the rise, incarcerations among their people, breakdown of families, and little to no hope for their future generations. 

What did and still do these areas have in common?  Democrat party leadership where many of the politicians are black.

They saw that from within their own neighborhoods, black leaders and elected officials talk the talk but do not walk the walk.  In fact, they watched these phonies become financially successful and live quite a different lifestyle from those they lead and made promises to.

My friends did something about it.  They are abandoning the Democratic Party.  They are educated, have jobs, respect their families and don’t expect welfare, Mets baseball game tickets and Public transportation metro cards handed to them by the government.  They also support legal residents paying taxes and benefiting from hard, honest work.

They also have something else in common.  They support President Donald J. Trump and what he is doing for America.  

Donald J. Trump has done more for the black community than all the Black elected officials combined.  He successfully addressed criminal justice reform. He supports charter schools. And, most important, the unemployment rate among blacks is historic.  

He has the support of Dr. Alveda King, Diamond and Silk, Herman Cain and Dr. Ben Carson, who was once a competitor and now a devoted member of the administration.

I sat near Candace Owens at the Embassy Opening in Jerusalem in May, 2018.  Rob Smith of Turning Point is a friend. Lawrence Jones of Fox News and formerly of College Reform are all young blacks leading the way for minorities to stop accepting failed policies and speak up.  They are making headway. We can learn lessons from them.

I highly suggest you read Gianno Caldwell’s new book about being taken for granted:

He is a new political analyst on Fox.  He is bright, articulate and what he writes about in the black community, we can relate to many of these issues in the Jewish community.

There is also the National Diversity Coalition for Trump and Black Voices for Trump, plus many talk show hosts including Larry Elder and David Webb supporting Israel and Jewish values.

Their voices are being heard and action is ongoing.   There are more Black Republican candidates for offices nationwide and support for President Trump is almost 40 percent, more than any other Republican President in history.

They refuse to settle or be taken for granted anymore.

After the latest attacks during Hanukkah, I saw on social media demands for the National Guard to protect Jewish communities.  

I was at the White House party where President Trump signed the Executive Order Combating Antisemitism.  It states, “The Administration is committed to combating the rise of antisemitism and antisemitic incidents in the United States and around the world.  Antisemitic incidents have increased since 2013, and students, in particular, continue to face antisemitic harassment in schools and on university and college campuses.”

I’m sure if asked, President Trump would help police protect Jewish neighborhoods.  Democrats target police about brutality and reward criminals and starting January 1st, new laws go in effect that dangers Jewish communities even more.

We should thank Curtis Sliwa and The Guardian Angels for volunteering to step up their presence in Jewish communities.  

So, I ask, where are the Black Democratic Leaders of New York?   Laughing at us for supporting them and taking our money for their next campaigns?

We are entering the 2020s.  A century ago in Europe, Jews of all ages, party affiliations and financial situations remained silent and inactive to the government betrayed them.  We all know what happened a decade later.

Cindy Grosz is an Advisor for the National Diversity Coalition for Trump.  She created the National Jewish Voter Registration Drive. She is also the Long Island Chair for Jews Choose Trump. She has been acknowledged as the Jewish Patriot Award recipient from the Queens County GOP and has received multiple Aishes Chayil awards from Jewish Organizations.  She has been co-hosting for The Jersey Joe Show, WOR710AM in NY, Sunday nights at 7PM, during the summer, or heard anytime on iHeartRadio. You can reach her at [email protected] or on social media at @cindyscorners