President Trump, Dayenu, It would have been enough. . .
President Trump, Dayenu, It would have been enough. . .

A great curse has befallen American Jews, one that will haunt us forever: Some of our American Jewish Congressmen and Jewish Senators are at the very heart of this evil, venal, and unconstitutional House impeachment of President Trump.  While, in the future, I will focus on these miscreants; today, I want to thank G-d for the infinite blessings and protections President Trump has endowed the American and Israeli Jewish people. 

Today, I want to thank President Trump for each action which in itself would have been enough.  In essence, I want to pen the Passover Seder’s “Dayenu,” “It would have been enough for us,” to thank President Trump’s for each of his blessings for the Jewish People.

Wikipedia explains the Passover Seder’s “Dayenu, is “The song is about being grateful to God for all of the gifts he gave the Jewish people, such as taking them out of slavery, giving them the Torah and Shabbat, and had God only given one of the gifts, it would have still been enough. This is to show much greater appreciation for all of them as a whole. The song appears in the haggadah after the telling of the story of the exodus and just before the explanation of Passover, matzah, and the maror.” 

President Trump was elected President.  Dayenu. It would have been enough. 

Otherwise, we would have had a President Hillary Clinton who would have continued President Obama’s pushing of Israel into the sea.  We would have seen a Palestinian terror state planted in the heart of Israel armed with chemical katyusha rockets that would have annihilated Tel Aviv and Israel. We would have seen a second Holocaust in 80 years. Dayenu. That would have been enough.

President Trump rescinded the Iran Nuclear deal and put severe sanctions on Iran. Dayenu. It would have been enough.

Iran is country that has sworn to annihilate Israel and mass murder 6 million Israeli Jews. President Trump’s sanctions have slowed Iran’s Middle East hegemony and loosed Iran’s grip on the Arabs where the Arabs are beginning to see Iran as their mortal enemy and enslaver, not Israel. Without President’s Trump’s courageous actions, Iran would have perfected their poisonous enslavement of the Middle East Arabs to a unbreakable stranglehold just as Hitler had gained a stranglehold over Europe.  Such an Iranian terrorist state hegemony over the Persian Gulf’s oil would have exposed the world to a nuclear armed terrorist state in control of 56% of the world’s oil supply. Dayenu. That would have been enough.

President Trump has authorized the American legal position that “the settlements are not illegal or obstacles to peace.” Dayenu. It would have been enough.

Israeli and American Jews are clueless. Jews “think” the “settlements” mean the Israeli towns inside the “West Bank.”  The reality is the Arabs think Tel Aviv is as much of a “settlement” as Efrat. By Jews essentially admitting that Efrat is a “settlement,” they don’t realize that they delegitimize every square meter, every grain of sand, of Israel’s very existence.  By Jews agreeing that Shiloh is an “obstacle to Peace,” they are admitting that East Jerusalem is also an obstacle to peace, and then Jaffo is an obstacle to peace, and the Israel’s very existence is an obstacle to peace.  President Trump flipped the script and declared that Israeli settlements “are not an obstacle” to peace. Rather, Palestinian payments to genocidal mass murdering terrorists is an obstacle to peace.  Dayenu. That would have been enough.

President Trump moved the American Embassy to Jerusalem.  Dayenu. It would have been enough. 

The Chicken Little state department gnomes clucked that the sky would fall and the world would fall off its axis if President Trump moved the embassy to Jerusalem.  In the end, nothing happened.  The Palestinians made hysterical threats before and after the move, and no one cared; virtually no demonstrations in the Arab street, little Arab condemnation. Instead, thousands of Arabs were slaughtered by Iranian militias in Iraq and Iran. President Trump showed what it means to be a proud American President who leads, and who believes in what he has promised.  Dayenu. That would have been enough.

President Trump recognized the Golan Heights as Israel Dayenu. It would have been enough

People forget but Rabin was within inches of ceding the Golan Heights to the mass murdering Beshir Assad’s mass-murdering father Hafez Assad.  A Syria Golan Heights and a Hezbollah South Lebanon would have meant an Arab decapitation of the Hula Valley and Kiryat Shemona.  As it is, Kiryat Shemona is in a vise-grip of a possible siege attack where Kiryat Shemona could be cut off from Israel.  Thanks to Ehud Barak’s betrayal of South Lebanon granting it to Hezbollah, Hezbollah now has 100,000 missiles which will significantly delay any saving counter-attack to reach a cut-off Kiryat Shemona.  Again, President Trump has given Israel the vital security it needs to withstand Islamic terrorists funded by Iran that are intent on murdering as many Jews they can get their hands on.  Dayenu. That would have been enough.

I could go on and on, and on, about all the blessings and security President Trump has brought the Jews.  But, on this day of infamy, on this day where President Trump has been falsely and criminally attacked by bunch of Jewish hooligans, I want to thank G-d for President Trump for President Trump just being President Trump.

\Dayenu. that would have been enough.