Parting from a visionary, Prof. Robert Wolfe
Parting from a visionary, Prof. Robert Wolfe

The Sovereignty Movement expresses its deep sorrow at the passing of historian Prof. Robert Wolfe, z”l, who was one of the most passionate supporters of the idea and the actions of the Sovereignty Movement and was among those leading the revolution of consciousness in Israel concerning the vision of sovereignty and its implementation.

The movement deeply appreciates Prof. Wolfe’s tremendous contribution to the impetus in the vision of sovereignty. Prof. Wolfe was someone who understood the value of hasbara as a generator of reality. In this spirit, Robert acted modestly and humbly, but his acts made waves, and his waves will make still more waves until the vision is fulfilled in actuality.

Wolfe: “They say: Jews are like everyone else, only more so. We have to be 'more so', because that is the way that we can be 'a light unto the nations'. Israel is that light, and that is why I am a Zionist”
Robert believed that ideas cannot be inculcated only through contemporary social media, but through persistence and by deep and serious written content. This is why he chose to be the sole support of the publication of the last four issues of our Sovereignty Journal, which reached hundreds of thousands of homes in Israel and abroad, in Hebrew and in English, as well as to statesmen and politicians in Israel, Europe and the U.S., to spread the idea that today has become the main topic of political discourse in Israel.

The late Prof. Wolfe was a unique historian who delved into research of the history of the People of Israel with a view to finding the channel that would lead the Jewish People to dwell safely in its Land. After about 30 years of teaching at Harvard University, he came on aliya to Israel in 2001 with his wife Lea, out of  love for the Land, loyalty to the People and his firm belief in “Netzach Yisrael”, the eternity of Israel.

Prof. Wolfe wrote many books. His book, Dark Star, begins with the words: “A dark star is a star that gives light yet is not seen. At night, the sun is such a star for us. We see its light shining from the surface of the moon, yet we do not see the sun. The purpose of this book is to show how the Jewish People has played the role of a dark star in human history. The light of the Jewish People has cast its radiance all over the earth, yet the source of this light is not seen.”

In our meetings with Prof. Wolfe, we discussed and consulted with him extensively on the vision of Israeli sovereignty over all parts of the Land of Israel, and on the correct way to counter terrorism. In his opinion the first condition for the application of sovereignty is the dismantlement of the terrorist Palestinian Authority. He gave his advice with measured and responsible moderation and consideration. Meetings with him were short and focused, but gave us many insights into how we would lead our pioneering, ideological movement.

Robert was full of joy when he saw how, step by step, we were making progress in inculcating the vision of sovereignty in the Israeli public and among the political leaders. He knew quite well that the politicians’ declarations on the vision of sovereignty were consistent with the People’s hearts and that ever wider circles are aware of the greatness of the hour and the greatness of the sole vision to strengthen the People of Israel in its Land and lead to security, stability and especially, to the restoration of the most basic principles of Zionism and Judaism.

In the chapter “Why I am a Zionist” in his book “From Habiru to Hebrews”, he writes:

“I am a Zionist because I believe in The Jewish People. My study of history has convinced me that the Jewish People was the force behind the ideologies of Christianity, Islam and Marxism, the three dominant ideologies of the modern world, but unfortunately all three assumed an anti-Semitic veneer in order to make their way in a world dominated by kings and tyrants. My experience of Jewish life, which is extensive, has left me with a feeling of profound admiration and respect for my fellow Jews. Like they say “Jews are like everyone else, only more so”. We have to be “more so”, because that is the way that we can be “a light unto the nations”. Israel is that light, and that is why I am a Zionist”

Robert’s abiding request of us was to “Preserve the Land and protect the People”. We will make this request a compass for our activities and we will instill it onward to the growing number of people centered around the Sovereignty Movement and its values.

On this difficult day of parting from Robert’s wonderful character, we promise to continue in his Zionist path, to continue to spread awareness of the ideas that are taking on flesh and bones and becoming reality.

We hope and pray that others with a similar spirit and view of sovereignty will join to continue the economic assistance that Robert gave us, which allowed us to publish the Sovereignty Journal, and together we will continue the momentum in promoting Israel’s path to the realization of the Zionist vision, the vision of Israeli sovereignty over the Land of Israel.

This is where we address dear Leah, his widow, personally, to be strengthened in your great sorrow. Robert’s spirit and character will accompany you and us onward as well. His love for you was immense, and we are convinced that from above he will continue to bestow it upon you.

We conclude with a citation from Hannah Senesh, which appeared at the end of the introduction to his book Dark Star:

“There are stars whose radiance is visible on earth though they have long been extinct. There are people whose brilliance continues to light the world though they are no longer among the living. These light are particularly bright when the night is dark. They light the way for Mankind”

Prof. Robert Wolfe’s brilliance and his love for the People of Israel and the Land of Israel will continue to illuminate the world despite his passing from it.

May his memory be engraved in the annals of the People of Israel!