Corbyn and the thrill of defeat
Corbyn and the thrill of defeat

You mean, you enjoyed watching Jeremy Corbyn grovel after his landslide loss to Boris Johnson? 

You thrilled when the BBC cameras tracked him down and there he was, the picture of humble pie. 

You kvelled because Purim came early and another Haman got (symbolically) hanged.

If yes to all that, join the club. You must be a terrible person…just like me…and Angelo Cataldi.

If you are anywhere in or around Philadelphia, you know Angelo. We moved from Philly years ago, but still listen to him on WIP-radio, where he rules the morning at Sports talk – and it is this. He is never afraid to speak his mind. So, when the Philadelphia Eagles face the dreaded/detested Dallas Cowboys, and beat them, Angelo admits to this --

That, post-game, rather than share the joy of victory with Philadelphia, he thrills to watching Cowboys fans in Dallas weeping over the loss. That’s the real fun. Rubbing it in. 

So, there is justice in the world.

He admits to feeling awful for taking such an attitude (so typically Philadelphia), but it can’t be helped. 

I know just what he means, and knew it best when I saw the stunned expressions of Corbyn and his followers when the results came in, and it kept getting worse.

Worse for them who traffic in anti-Semitism. The Labour Party got swamped, “horse and rider He hurled into the sea,” and the pleasure of seeing that happen, if you know your Bible.

Oh…we are not supposed to glory at the comeuppance of our enemies? Says who? 

I just showed how Moses and Miriam and the Hebrews, our ancestors, did just that…and I know about the angels, and how they complained about such schadenfreude. We are not supposed to gloat. That is one point of view. But as my rabbi used to say, the angels were not enslaved and whipped by the Egyptians. The Hebrews were, and so they were entitled to exalt through song.

Yes, they sang, and it was a song of gratitude, in praise to the Almighty of our triumph and their defeat…and now Corbyn. 

The Labour Party got a taste of wipe-out, and it could not have happened to a nicer bunch of antisemites, who are already busy, guess what, blaming the Jews.

From the “Well, that didn’t take long Department,” this Labour woman has already got it figured out. The Jews did it…yes, not the butler…the Jews.

The Jews, she says, won it for Boris and lost it for Corbyn, which is an amazing feat, when you consider the math.

The figure I’m getting is 270,000, so far as the (decreasing) number of Jews throughout the UK…from a total population of 67 million otherwise.

To which you can only scratch your head and say… what? How can so few have made all the difference, unless you are an anti-Semite and do math differently.

The Labour Party got a taste of wipe-out, and it could not have happened to a nicer bunch of anti-Semites, who are already busy, guess what, blaming the Jews.
For some people, life is so simple. No matter who, what, where, when, it adds up to the Jews – even if there is only one left in town.

I mean, to be an anti-Semite you should need Jews, and in the UK, there are hardly any at all. 

Some soccer stadiums draw bigger crowds.

Spectacularly, the British rejected that man Corbyn and his message, plus the leftist agenda altogether, and let’s hope the song of deliverance reaches America.

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