Abu Bakr's death: America can be proud, Europe ashamed
Abu Bakr's death: America can be proud, Europe ashamed

A-t the end of the day, the Americans as always - those Americans who we Europeans like to portray as uncivilized bumpkinss who do not distinguish Slovenia from Slovakia, eating burgers and not escargot, but who seem to know a little bit about civilization and self-defense and good and evil - those Americans managed  to enter into  that tunnel in Idlib and send the Caliph of Death to his 72 virgins. Had we waited for the Europeans, Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi would still be here for a long time, continuing  to rape real women and order massacres of innocent people. 

The "Kayla Mueller" operation that led to the elimination of Al Baghdadi bears the name of the American girl kidnapped, raped, tortured and murdered personally by the Caliph of ISIS. Kayla underwent this treatment for refusing to renounce her faith, Christianity. Daniel Rye Ottosen, a Danish fellow prisoner, said that the men of ISIS "were impressed by the strength that (Kayla) showed them." Too bad that on this day of Western victory against the forces of evil the story of this girl has been so little evoked.

Thanks, America!

Americans can be proud, Europeans should be ashamed. The chatter of European columnists about Trump’s announcement on “Abu Bakaar al Baghdadi” is worthless. The day when Sweden or Germany or Belgium or Spain eliminates terrorist leaders, flushing them in the tunnels of the Middle East, we will gain the right to speak. We European are only able to raise terrorists en masse and then "de-radicalize" them. America is Mars, Europe is Venus. We are the warm bed of the enemies of civilization.

We must thank the Kurds for also helping to give us the Caliph. "For five months there has been joint cooperation on the ground and careful monitoring, up to the operation to kill Abu Bakr al Baghdadi," wrote Mazloum Abdi, general commander of Kurdish fighters known as Syrian Defense Forces. Kurds, who have already lost 11,000 men in the ISIS war. The were decisive in locating Baghdadi, the Americans entered that sewer and eliminated him.

And the Europeans? Oh yes, there are also Europeans in this story. The European volunteers who went to fight with al Baghdadi.