The truth about BDS
The truth about BDS
Interested in destroying the state of Israel, yet too fearful to openly say so? If you fit this description, the BDS Movement may be the right organization for you! While masquerading as a peaceful organization, BDS is fueled by an anti-Semitic ideology striving to achieve just one goal: the economic strangulation and eventual destruction of the lone Jewish State, Israel.

Firstly, the BDS Movement claims to defend the rights of the Palestinian Arabs by leading a worldwide boycott against the state of Israel. If this were truly the reason for establishing BDS, there would be an even greater outrage against other world countries, such as China and Turkey. To date, China has essentially established a police state, whereby systematically targeting and arresting the Uighurs has become the norm; while Turkey ruthlessly oppresses the Kurds and rejects all calls for allowing Kurdish autonomy.

The very nations who reject their citizens’ basic rights are applauded on the world stage, while Israel, the lone Middle Eastern democracy and defender of human rights, is continuously denounced. Regardless of political affiliation, all can agree that solely criticizing the State of Israel, while ignoring the actions of others, is merely the recreation of age-old anti-Semitism. 

Next, leaders of the BDS Movement continually accuse Israel of establishing an apartheid state and limiting the rights of their Arab population. Ironically, BDS has chosen such an accusation, as founder and leader Omar Barghouti was personally educated at Tel Aviv University. Barghouti studied under Israeli professors, sat in classrooms with Israeli students and, as an Arab man born in Qatar, was the recipient of the freedom that Israel offers to all- regardless of religion, race, or ethnicity.

While Israeli Jews are barred from entering many Arab countries, Arabs make up almost 20% of the Israeli population, have equal rights, and maintain complete representation in the government. 

Furthermore, conclusive evidence has been found connecting the BDS movement to terrorist organizations, such as Hamas and the PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine). Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs and Public Diplomacy has released a report titled “Terrorists in Suits,” which has proven that these BDS promoting organizations have established direct ties to terrorist groups sworn to the destruction of Israel.

Both former and active terrorists maintain senior positions within BDS and their campaign, such as Muhammad Sawalha and Leila Khaled, thereby allowing anti-Israel and anti-Semitic ideology to permeate throughout the entire Movement. Muhammad Sawalha was deeply involved in the military and political wing of Hamas, while Leila Khaled hijacked a flight in 1969, attempted a second hijacking in 1970, and today is actively involved in planning attacks against Israel.

Moreover, it is feared that these terrorist groups and BDS promoting organizations combine their networks to drastically strengthen their fundraising capabilities; essentially enabling the transfer of funds allocated for BDS activities to indirectly support and bolster terrorism.

To effectively counter BDS requires successfully presenting to the world its anti- Semitic nature, and actively investing in Israeli society to offset the boycott. In moments of lonely isolation, Israel must never forget that the truth stands on her side and, when properly exposed, the truth will always prevail.