The Kurdish Rojava was a kind of Israel.and Islamists hated it
The Kurdish Rojava was a kind of Israel.and Islamists hated it

They wanted to destroy the first and only “Arab spring” of some success. 

In Rojava, “the land where the sun sets,” now bent over under Erdogan's bombings and the shootings of his jihadist henchmen, the Kurds were creating something that guaranteed freedom of expression and assembly for religious and ethnic communities, direct democracy, equality, secularism.

In Rojava there are Muslims, Christians, syncretists, Kurds, Arabs, Armenians, Assyrians, Yazidis, Turkmen ... After Israel, the Kurdish state could have been the first experiment alternative to political Islam, if you don't count the oppressive Arab regimes, a sort of pro Western enclave in the Islamic crescent. 

Iraqi Kurdistan is today the only place in the Middle East, along with Israel,, that harbors other religions and minorities. According to the former European parliamentarian Paulo Casaca, the Kurdish regional government has shown the utmost respect for the minorities that have been widely persecuted in other areas of Iraq. That's why Turkey, Qatar, Arab fanatics and others wanted to destroy Rojava. And for this reason, instead of betraying them and hypocritically crying Rojava's fall, we Europeans had to protect it.

“Shame: the West is turning a blind eye to the fate of the Kurds”, wrote Ivan Rioufol in France's Le Figaro. "They fought alongside us in the war against ISIS. Erdogan labels as 'terrorist' this small people arming women, who have their hair in the wind and leave religion in the private sphere".

The Kurds deserve a monument. Roads should have been named in Europe after them, European poets should have compose verses in their honor and our politicians should have been daily visiting them. The Kurds (with the help of America which is now now fleeing) freed Raqqa, the city where ISIS hanged and crucified and stoned and planned massacres of Europeans.

600 Kurds were killed in order to free that damned city. The Kurds opened their towns (like Erbil) to Christians displaced by Islamic henchmen. Only among the Kurds do you find Western volunteers who went to fight not for the Caliph Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, but against him.

11,000 Kurds died fighting on our side against the beheaders. Sorry, not “on our side”, but in our place, of us European sybarites and pacifists, unable to appreciate all the famous "values" we like to pontificate to the world.