The loneliness of President Trump — and Fox News
The loneliness of President Trump — and Fox News

At one of his recent rallies, President Trump rolled out the names of all his favorite newscasters and all of them were reporters and commentators from Fox News.

Those are his only friends in the media? Yes. Only there can he get a fair shake? Yes.

The loneliness of being President Donald J. Trump…and Fox News.

The same goes for the rest of traditional America. Outside of Fox News, itself a lonely island, there is no place to go, even as Fox News is not so perfect, either.

Until you get to Tucker in the evening, and then Hannity, and then Ingraham, the daytime lineup now and then features the kind of anti-Trump delirium in step with the conventional networks, NBC, ABC, CBS, and so far as print, they have Trump measured for a hanging every day at The Washington Post and The New York Times. Likewise, CNN.

Shepard Smith’s departure, whether he quit or got fired, came not a moment too soon, so far as friends of Trump and Fox News are concerned. 

(We’re betting that Megyn Kelly will be coming back to fill the vacated 3 pm slot.)

Smith was listed as head of the news desk. Nobody asked for his opinions, likewise the son of Mike Wallace, who is still around, and so is Juan Williams.

Somehow, the same crowd that sneers at Trump, sneers at Israel. Strange, and the same treatment Trump gets here, Benjamin Netanyahu gets over in Israel. 

But is Fox News only preaching to the choir?

Where does the rest of the country get its information? 

The figures tell a depressing tale.

A typical telecast at Fox News reaches one to three million viewers. That may sound good, until the Big Three networks are factored.

They average around 10 to 15 million.

So, this majority of viewers get practically nothing from another point of view. Trump’s side of the story, OUR side of the story, now on impeachment, gets no coverage.

Most people don’t hear of Trump’s many achievements, the economy onward. This information is left on the cutting room floor.
Everything is set up to point an accusing finger at Donald Trump, and to his supporters. From Big Media, everything he says is tainted to favor Schiff and Pelosi. It is all a frame-up.

Yes, collusion. They are all in it together…and sticking to the theme that their darling Hillary WAS ROBBED and Trump must go.  

I am with Michael Goodwin and Kimberly Strassel at the New York Post in despair over the damage being done to the country through so much false reporting.

At this rate, the writers lament, doomsday is already here or right around the corner.

In this book, reviewers say, we were first and most prescient to sound the alarm.

You wonder what they are thinking in Middle America when they swallow “The View” as wisdom, or hot-headed Chuck Todd as cool-headed logic.

You then understand why Trump’s standing in the polls can’t seem to reach 50 percent on the favorable index.

Most people don’t hear of Trump’s many achievements, the economy onward. This information is left on the cutting room floor.

Most people don’t have the time to absorb the intricacies of the impeachment story, or the Joe and Hunter Biden story, and so they are spooned falsehoods.

The media are expert at putting in what suits them and leaving out the version that could be the truth that hurts.  

In fact, it is the country that keeps getting hurt when, except for one source, there is nobody to believe.

New York-based bestselling American novelist Jack Engelhard writes regularly for Arutz Sheva.

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