The upside of Trump’s pullout
The upside of Trump’s pullout

We already covered the bad news. But there is also good news following President Trump’s decision to depart from Syria and the region altogether.

There will be no peace deal, and no peace deal means Israel can breathe easy, or easier, because these plans always make excruciating demands upon the Jewish State.

The so called “initiatives” regularly insist that Israel, and only Israel, make “sacrifices for peace,” and Israelis, who win Nobel Prizes for everything else, never win Nobel Prizes for their skills around the negotiating table. This is where they walk in with Sinai and Gaza and walk out without Sinai and Gaza.

The White House has already announced that the deal will not be presented until after the election – but which election? 

The previous two, over the past year, fell short of producing a clear winner. So Benjamin Netanyahu remains prime minister, and runs the show caretaker style, until a third try. The country, meanwhile, is being run quite successfully, and it’s as if nothing happened. Elections come and go, nobody wins, but life goes on, and so does Netanyahu.

Suppose this third attempt also fails? Do I hear a fourth, a fifth? True to its word, the Deal of the Century may actually take a century before we know what Jared Kushner cooked up.

If that is an exaggeration, there is no doubting President Trump’s loss of appetite for foreign interventions, hence his pullout from Syria. No quagmires for him.  


He wants Out, and now cites eight trillion American dollars spent in the region for nothing, namely for Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Deal of the Century may actually take a century before we know what Jared Kushner cooked up.
More than that, it’s about the price America pays in the loss of life and limb when America goes in to help settle disputes that are, in his view, none of our business.

Those are, in fact, mostly tribal wars among Muslims, as Trump has been quick to point out, that have been going on for centuries, with no end in sight, whether America shows up or not.

None of that, for Trump. No more.

Upon Israel, the situation is entirely different. There is no quagmire. There are zero American troops there to defend and support the Jewish State.

Israel takes care of itself. Israel fights its own battles. It’s been that way all along. There are no US troops going in, or coming out.

No American has ever been asked to fight and die for Israel. It is to be assumed that Trump is clear on this.

We take Trump at his word that he is finished with Middle East wars; while understanding that Israel’s situation is unique at asking no special favors.

No special favors except to stand at Israel’s side on the diplomatic front, as when the rest of the world, say, the UN, the EU, tries to vote Israel out of existence, as is their habit.

The bottom line is that if Trump really means it, and he does, about keeping hands off, this would include any sort of interference between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs.

That means no deal, no Deal of the Century. It has likely been scrapped.

Trump is all about winning. So count this as a win for both the United States and Israel.

New York-based bestselling American novelist Jack Engelhard writes regularly for Arutz Sheva.

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