Antisemitism, the Western heart of darkness, beats strongly in Halle
Antisemitism, the Western heart of darkness, beats strongly in Halle

"Neo-Nazis in Halle", where a gunman tried to break into the synagogue and commit a massacre of Jews during Yom Kippur. We are in Germany, after all! And in Germany Jews are in danger, again. Every week we have headlines about Jews being attacked in Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, for wearing a kippah, speaking Hebrew, sporting a Star of David.

But we now have to go much deeper and try to figure out how and why antisemitism is not only an Islamic sport, but the Western heart of darkness. 

Halle is in the former East Germany, where antisemitism is much stronger than in the Western party. Alternative für Deutschland is the largest party in the former East Germany, Pegida (the movement against Islamization) was born there, as the most important popular protests against immigration took place there.

Why? Because the society is collapsing. 50 years of Communism, materialism, dictatorship and atheism didn't help the population. “The 'social infrastructures' have collapsed: schools, hospitals, sports and recreational facilities and cultural institutions have had to close”. Die Zeit, the first German weekly, last June dedicated a special to the most disruptive phenomenon in the former East Germany: depopulation. “Migration to the West was not the only thing that altered East German demography. After 1990, the birth rate fell by almost half”.

The Financial Times also dealt with the phenomenon. Doberlug-Kirchhain is a picturesque town in eastern Germany halfway between Berlin and Dresden. But for every baptism a pastor celebrates, he presides over five funerals. The Elbe-Elster district, according to a study by the Berlin Institute for Population and Development, by 2035 it is expected to lose a quarter of the population. The decline in the working-age population will be 40 percent. Of 77 districts in eastern Germany, 41 will lose at least 30 percent of the working-age population by 2035.

If it were still a country, East Germany would be the oldest nation in the world. Almost thirty years after unification, the region still suffers from shock after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, when millions of people, mostly young, mostly women, fled Westward. Those who remain today have record-breaking negative birth

Antisemitism is the mad, irrational, powerful and seductive face of a dying creature.
rates. The Eastern population will decline from 12.5 million in 2016 to 8.7 million by 2060, according to government statistics. Bitterfeld-Wolfen has seen its population fall from 75,000 in 1989 to 40,500 today. Two thirds of the nursery schools and over half of the schools have closed since 1990. The number of students finishing secondary school is halved. Employers struggle to fill vacancies.

Then you have the de-Christianization of Eastern Germany, which has created a vacuum, a terrible void. Only 10 percent of Eastern German youth are Christians today. In the land of Luther, Christianity is committing suicide and it is “the most atheist place in the world”, even more than China, North Korea, Cuba.

What happens when family and religion go down? An existential crisis, an explosion, something you can really see and touch in the face of Stephan Balliet, the killer of Halle. 

Antisemitism is the mad, irrational, powerful and seductive face of a dying creature. The lack of any moral tissue leads to a really profound dryness.