The Muslim Brotherhood wanted to divide France and it is succeeding
The Muslim Brotherhood wanted to divide France and it is succeeding

How are mosques financed in France? Two journalists, Christian Chesnot and Georges Malbrunot, explain it in a documentary broadcasted on Arte, turning their eyes (as they had just done in their recent book) on Qatar.

For ten years, the liquid gas emirate has been trying to influence European Islam. There is the great project financed in Mulhouse, the mosque of An Nour. Or the project at Chateau-Chinon, in the Nièvre, a school training hundreds of preachers with a strict vision of Islam, in total opacity. Or the famous Averroes Muslim high school in Lille, which is funded by Qatar to train future Islamist elites.

In their book, a report on Islamist penetration in Europe, Chesnot and Malbrunot had previously revealed that Qatar has financed 140 projects of mosques and Islamic centers in Europe for a grand total of 71 million euros. And the country with the largest number of projects (50) is mine: Italy.

The goal is to Islamize the Muslims of France through the trusted protectors of Qatar, the Muslim Brotherhood, which controls a tenth of the mosques in French territory and is very active in religious propaganda and in “Taqiyya!,”,the dissimulation, which is the source of the title of the new book by the Franco-Algerian journalist Mohamed Sifaoui.

“The ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood is totalitarian and seeks to standardize thought and society”, says Sifaoui to Le Figaro. “Their goal is to take power within the Muslim community, to weigh in on France. They create division by spreading hatred and rejection of the other”.

Next to Qatar, today there are two other countries that use what is called “religious soft power,” namely Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

The French scholar Bérengère Bonte two years ago had already published a book called “La République française du Qatar”. A very successful project, also judging from the data contained in the last survey on the cover of the weekly Le Point and written by Jerome Fourquet. The new generations of French Muslims are increasingly religious, increasingly fundamentalist, increasingly prone to political Islam. 68 percent of respondents support the right to wear a veil at schools and universities, in violation of French law. 49 percent of those under the age of 25 claim that it is not Islam that has to adapt to the values ​​of the French Republic, but it is the opposite: secularism must adapt to Islam.

The percentage of people taking part in Friday prayers at the mosque has more than doubled since 1989, while Muslims who claim to drink alcohol have fallen, from 35 percent in 1989 to 21 percent. 82 percent believe that halal food should be consumed in school canteens and 27 percent believe that Sharia, Islamic law, should prevail over the laws of the Republic.

And the “Nos très chers émirs”, our dear friends the emirs, are succeeding in this historic operation. Europe is not only in business with them. It is cooperating in turning the continent into something very different from what it used to be. And we will live to regret it.