Israel is the last bulwark of Western civilization
Israel is the last bulwark of Western civilization

While we are writing, 4,483 people signed a manifesto declaring that, due to the “climate crisis”, they promise to have no children. “No future no children”, declares the platform from Canada.

4,483 is the number proving Western madness. This nihilistic ideology has overheated too many brains.

"A culture without purpose seizes on a false prophet because she signifies a faith that it has lost," writes Dominic Green in the Spectator.
“A culture without purpose seizes on a false prophet because she signifies a faith that it has lost”, writes Dominic Green in the Spectator.

“This is why the cult of "St Greta" (Greta Thunberg) attracts converts in the affluent classes of western Europe and North America.  American pollution and carbon emissions have been falling for decades, and the majority of the world’s pollution and carbon emissions come from India and China, but the stations of her martyrdom are in Stockholm, London and New York. Not just because the Chinese police would make short work of her and her PR handlers if they tried any nonsense near the Great Hall of the People, but because this daft circus only means something in the decaying West”.

The facts have no influence on the circus crowd. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy. The green nihilists pursue a West of zero economic and demographic growth, outclassed by Asian economies and overwhelmed by African immigration. At that point our world will really be over.

Gender, like green, is the new Karl Marx's opium of people. On the same day that the French government announced “gender free toys”, the giant Mattel brought out the first gender free Barbie. It would be laughable if the matter were not so terribly serious. These new social engineers who respond to a mix of free market and uniformity of thought, like the former Stalinists, want ideological clones.

Then, on the other side of the abyss, there is the miracle called “Israel”, which has just crossed the number of 9 million people. And to think that there were 700,000 Jews in the country when Israel was born in 1948. In the past, the West and Israel were used to seeing themselves on the same continuum of civilization.

They are no more. They are aligned no more. The West has been hijacked by groups of dangerous feminists, green fanatics, post-family ideologues.

But in the West we can still look with admiration at that model of resistance and courage, borders and identity, fertility and faith, that is Israel. In a world that wants its end, the Jewish State is the last stand of Western civilization.