Let Liberman be Deputy Prime Minister and call it a day
Let Liberman be Deputy Prime Minister and call it a day

The September elections in Israel were not much different than the April elections. Each a statistical tie with neither Benny nor Benjamin willing to join forces so it led to this election which was the essentially same result. Clearly neither Ben has a sole mandate, although the Right (without Liberman) has 12 more Jewish party seats than the Left (without Liberman) which needs the Arab parties to reach that  number, proving that a clear majority of Israeli Jewish voters are Right wing. So what’s a politician to do?

Easy, stop being a politician and be a statesman.

Here’s the natural solution: Prime Minister should offer a Deputy Prime Minister position to his former ‘natural coalition partner,’ Avigdor Liberman.

Huh, did I hear that right? Certainly, you meant to say to offer Benny Gantz that right-hand-co-governing position. No! You heard right. Far Right. Not need to offer Leftist Benny Gantz anything. And following a logical process of elimination, Netranyahu can’t offer the job to anyone on the Arab list since their sole mission in life purpose is not necessarily to see Israel shine and thrive - they were never part of a coalition in the history of the Jewish State, at most vowed to support a reigning coalition in  opposition voting to dismantle it. So, who does it leave? Liberman! Natural coalition partner Avigdor Liberman—Deputy Prime Minister Avigdor Liberman.

Ok, I know jaws might drop over this suggestion, and Trump haters might even go so far as to suggest an investigation as to Russia’s possible ties to the ‘mad’ Russian Avigdor, but there is nothing wrong with being mad like a fox.

King Solomon was able to come up with solutions without having to cut any babies in half. Perhaps this is the best bloodless solution.
In fact, try to name one thing significantly wrong with this pairing? King Solomon was able to come up with solutions without having to cut any babies in half. Perhaps this is the best bloodless solution. To be blunt, Liberman would have  to give up his anti-religious rhetoric, but that is easy enough because he only adlopted it for this election because the pervading atmosphere caused it  to bring votes.

And he would likely govern to the Right of Netanyahu. Perhaps the best way to picture the dual Bibi-Avi governance would be to envision the primary function of Deputy Prime Minister Liberman simply to be a thorn in Netanyahu’s Right side!

Yes, personality-wise, Avigdor might be a loose cannon, as is President Trump, but at least loose cannons shoot! And is being a straight shooter for the welfare of Israel a bad thing? Me thinketh not. What thinketh thou?

Or would you prefer to see another snap election in February in the middle of a cold snap (when Israelis can't even enjoy their day off at the beaches)?

Clearly election fatigue would be painful for either side to overcome. I for one am numb. And at least having Avigdor in that role would keep things interesting.

So, let’s not let Avigdor Lieberman waste any of his time being a king-maker. Let’s let him be deputy ‘king.’ 

And we’ll have Peace at Last in Israel! Well, a form of political peace.

And regarding candidate Liberman’s demand that all Israelis must serve in the military—including haredi Jews, well, that was candidate Liberman. Deputy Prime Minister Liberman might think differently. After all, there will be far bigger fish to fry than forcing conscientious objectors studying the ancient Jewish texts  on the front lines to protect Israel.

And as for Netanyahu’s myriad of 11th hour political promises of what he would do if he were to win? Let him. Let them. With Deputy Prime Minister Liberman by the Prime Minister’s side, you can bank on those promises being kept—starting with the immediate annexation of much of the 'West Bank'!