Trump only said “Jews are their own worst enemy!”
Trump only said “Jews are their own worst enemy!”

If I had a nickel for every time I heard a Jew say to me, “Jews are their own worst enemy,” I’d be rivaling Jeff Bezos as the world’s richest man. Is a Jew calling other Jews the “worst enemy” of other Jews,” antisemitic? No! He’s just stating the obvious truth that is clear as clear can be. 

So, if it’s true that “Jews are sometimes their own worst enemy,” then, it’s certainly not antisemitic to state the truth. Then why is President Trump being attacked as “antisemitic” for for calling the American Jews who still support the Democrats “disloyal to Israel” when it means they support Rep. Omar and Tlaib who are clearly enemies of Israel?  The answer is because President Trump has ripped off the false veneer of American Jewish Democrat faux support for the safety and security of Israel.

President Trump has exposed the ugly truth: American Jews are the principal enablers of the attempts at the annihilation of modern Israel by the creation of Palestinian West Bank State.

First question, how come there are close to 800 million Hindu Indians in India, and 2.5 million American Hindus but there is no “Hindu Americans for Peace Now” pn Kashmir  in which American Hindus are lobbying American Congressmen that India should cede Kashmir to Pakistan?  After all, there are about 12 million Muslims in Kashmir Region and almost no Hindus. The Hindus are “occupying” 12 million Muslims. How come there is no anti-Indian “New India Fund” funding legal organizations in India attempting to destroy India from within?

Do American Hindus lack a conscience? No.  Are American Hindus fascists? No. The simple truth is American Hindus are also loyal to Indian Hindus. No normal American Hindu would remotely think to fund any organization that attacks the government of India. In fact, just the opposite; American Hindus would support the sternest Indian government policies against Kashmir.

I recently gave a talk where I attacked Rep. Omar as a modern day “Charles Lindburgh.”  The analogy was  that just as Charles Lindbergh led the “Stay out of the War” movement and explicitly blamed American Jews for being disloyal to America for supporting Britain against Hitler in World War II, so Omar is accusing American Jews for being disloyal to America for supporting Israel in America’s world war against Islamist radicalism. 

That thesis is for another article. However, a woman from the audience countered with a “Democrat brainwashed talking point” that Rep. Omar is only one congresswoman and not the whole Democrat party. I responded that Rep. Omar was appointed by Democrat House Speaker Pelosi as the Democrats’ official representative on the House Foreign Affairs committee.  So, in fact, Rep. Omar is an actual true representative of the Democrat party in foreign affairs with the full backing of the Democrat party.

But the hate for Israel in the Democrats party is not just Rep. Omar and Tlaib, but the very core of today's Democrat Party.  For example, let’s take the ultimate Democrat patrician of the Senate, Patrick Leahy of Vermont. Does Senator Patrick Leahy hate Israel?  Let’s let his own words about the armed violent Gaza border riots against Israel be the judge. In a May 2018 press release, Senator Leahy said:

“The deadly violence in Gaza is the predictable result of multiple factors from both sides, and made worse by a White House that has destroyed hope of the U.S. acting as an honest broker for peace for the foreseeable future. The vast majority of inhabitants of Gaza are victims, abused by Hamas and confined by Israel, living in miserable conditions that breed resentment and hopelessness.   . . .  Shooting protesters, many of whom were reportedly unarmed or throwing rocks which did not justify such a disproportionate response, is deplorable. It should be thoroughly investigated and anyone responsible, including those who gave the orders, held accountable.  

The State Department should promptly determine if individuals or units involved in the shootings should be prohibited from receiving U.S. training or equipment, consistent with the Leahy Law.

Do you get it? Senator Leahy is accusing Israel. saying:“Shooting protesters, many of whom were reportedly unarmed or throwing rocks which did not justify such a disproportionate response, is deplorable.”  Senator Leahy, one of the most “respected” Senators in the US Senate is out-and-out accusing Israel of war crimes. He knows very well that the truth is exactly the opposite, he knows of the thousands of rockets that rain on innocent Israeli civilians, he knows that Hamas holds Gazans captive and Israel has offered to help them leave..

The dark and ugly truth is the Israel-hating Democrats Omar and Tlaib are the tip of the iceberg of the hate the Democrat Party has for Israel.  Bi-partisan support for Israel is a laughable myth.

Now, do the Americans Jews voting Democrat know that the Democrats hate Israel? Many do because for many American Jews the anti-Israel statements of Omar and Tlaib are saying exactly what they think.  Americans for Peace Now, and the New Israel Fund spend millions supporting exactly what Omar and Tlaib are saying.  You even have the real American Jewish crazies like Peter Beinart that support the BDS movement against Israel. 

Moreover, the American Jews who vote Democrat and don’t hate Israel still think other “social justice” issues outweigh any support for a safe and secure Israel. In short, American Jews are all too ready to build Holocaust 2.0 museums about the destruction of Israel, but don’t care a whit if Jewish Israelis are now being rocketed by Katyushas, and stabbed to death, blown up and rammed solely because they’re Jewish.

All of this brings us back to why many American Democrat Jews, but especially progressive Democrat American Jews seem to hate President Trump with a passion.  It’s because President Trump’s unalloyed support for the American vital strategic military asset in the Jewish State of Israel exposes the progressive American Jewish ultimate hypocrisy. Progressive Jews pay lip-service to “Never again,” while at the same time they are doing everything possible to insure that a forced "Two-State solution" on Israel will bring on Israel’s destruction, and gruesome murders of its 6 million Jews. 

These progressive Democrat Jews hate President Trump because he has exposed the fraudulent progressive Democrat Jews for the disloyal Israel-hating Jews they really are.  

In conclusion, President Trump was actually being nice when he said “Democrat American Jews are being disloyal to Israel.”  He really should have accurately said, “Progressive Democrat American Jews are Israel’s worst enemy.” American Jews will be the first to push Israel to create a lethal "West Bank Palestinian State."  Then, when Israel has to re-invade that region because Tel Aviv is being rocketed and dozens of Jews are being murdered, the same American Jews will conveniently be sipping white wine on Martha’s Vineyard.