Rashida Tlaib’s “grandmother” trick – nice try
Rashida Tlaib’s “grandmother” trick – nice try

Some of us remember it as the excuse we gave for playing hooky for class or for work, “I had to go visit my sick grandmother.”

It’s always been the classic routine to gain sympathy, and no one does it better than BDS-flavored Palestinian Arabs, or more cynically than Rashida Tlaib, who was elected to represent Michigan’s 13th congressional district, largely Detroit. Imagine the surprise, among voters, to listen to her say, “When I won, it gave the Palestinian people hope…”  

Wasn’t she elected to give the “Michigan people hope?”

You would expect those to be her constituents -- those who make the cars, rather than those who use the cars for ramming into Jewish civilians waiting at an Israeli bus stop. 

This happened days ago to two Israeli teens dear to me, with unbearable consequences. So now is not the time to cry me a river.

Then what about grandma? She seems awfully spry at 90 for someone living under “oppression.”

It is a statistical fact, by the way, that Arabs living under Israeli “oppression” live longer, healthier, happier lives than anywhere in the Arab world.

They also have much more freedom as well…and are permitted to express LGBTQ pride, whereas in the Palestinian Arab territories they are being imprisoned or executed.  

But you will hear none of that from the sob sisters, whose anti-Semitism is well-documented and now comes in a double dose, or make it triple if you listened to Geraldo Rivera on Fox News. Geraldo – nobody knows why he is still around and collecting a paycheck, when it is elaborately clear that his anti-Israel animus is so deeply pathological. Sick puppy. Read this

Tlaib and Ilhan Omar are taking their show on the road to poison the air with regard to the Special Relationship that exists between the United States and Israel. The special friendship was codified by President John F. Kennedy, when Democrats were the good guys…and in God we trusted, not Allah. 

Enter the Four Ingrates – now especially Tlaib and Omar – and in a blink the Party stinks from the odor of anti-Semitism and the Special Relationship has turned wobbly.

Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi – hello? Anybody home to discredit the two blood libel artists?

In their silence, they support the two scoffers.

Enter the Four Ingrates – now especially Tlaib and Omar – and in a blink the Party stinks from the odor of anti-Semitism and the Special Relationship has turned wobbly.
The two grievance sisters were at it today at a “press conference” to air their bad vibes and if you thought you had channeled Berlin, 1933 by mistake no, this is America, 2019.

They spent more than an hour spreading it thick, one blood libel after another, though without Wagner’s Die Walkure.

Tlaib wept talking about checkpoints in Israel.

Only failing to mention the rise of checkpoints all around the world before, during and after 9/11, due to the manifold acts of terrorism committed by her “people.”

So do not be overly perplexed at Israel’s being so touchy at the moment. 

At the moment Israel is facing threats of annihilation from Iran, and so it is every moment of every day. No other country but Israel endures anything like this.

Also at this moment Hezbollah, Hamas, Fatah and Islamic Jihad are firing at Israel and arming themselves to the teeth for the dream of destroying the Jewish State. 

ON top of all that, plus BDS, the Israelis are expected to roll out the red carpet to be bullied even further…on their own turf. 

A particular Jewish/Israeli grandmother that I love and admire is suffering, at this time, for her grandchildren…so please…  

Please spare me Omar and Tlaib’s sob stories. This is not the time to weep for Tlaib’s grandmother, who appears to be doing just dandy.

New York-based bestselling American novelist Jack Engelhard writes regularly for Arutz Sheva.

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