The shootings are not Trump’s fault, but that of progressive nihilism
The shootings are not Trump’s fault, but that of progressive nihilism

"Twenty dead in El Paso. Nine more in Ohio. Both shootings are malicious acts to be condemned. But they are also part of a larger phenomenon to be understood: eleven killed in a Pittsburgh synagogue, 58 killed in Las Vegas, 17 killed in a Florida school. These wanton massacres—coming with numbing regularity—are symptoms of a sick body politic”.

The above analysis of R.R. Reno, editor of the US magazine First Things, does not focus on gun control, on the racist ideology of the killers, on Trump, but on the “cultural collapse”, as Reno calls it.

Is “white suprematism” a manifestation of white suicide?

“Among white working-class Americans, the decline is catastrophic, akin to the situation in Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union”. Obviously, his thesis was not liked by the liberals, because Reno dips his pen in the social and cultural broth that progressivism never tries to decipher.

“A fish rots from the head down. The social dissolution of our nation is a direct consequence of the mentalities, policies, and actions of our ruling class”. As sociologist Charles Murray writes in “Coming Apart”, working-class Americans are increasingly dysfunctional. “Given cultural collapse, it’s not surprising that America now sees declining life expectancy, a remarkable phenomenon in a rich, developed country”, Reno explains.

The World Health Organization says that a Chinese child can hope to live longer and in better health than a white child in the United States, an unprecedented situation. The Nobel Prize for Economics, Angus Deaton, also explained this to the French magazine Le Point. “Life expectancy in most Appalachians is lower than in Bangladesh,” claimed Deaton in reference to the typically rural and white American region.

“A portion of the population in the United States has seen its world collapse. This concerns mainly non-graduates. Their life was better fifty years ago. They had a union, they went to church, they belonged to a community ... They have not only lost money and work, but also a sense for their lives”. Norton, in West Virginia of the Appalachians, is the American Ground Zero of drug addiction. That White America is sick of nihilism. It is a culturally barren land.

Suicide rates among white Americans increase every year. A report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that suicide rates for men aged 45 to 64 have increased by 37 percent and Anne Case, a professor of economics at Princeton, says that the demographic group that drives up suicide rates is made up of whites without a university education.

David Blankenhorn in a book spoke of “Fatherless America”, a white America without a father and culturally illegitimate. Patrick Crusius, the supremacist killer of El Paso, besides being a fan of Trump, was a loner raised in a family with divorced parents and a drug addicted and alcoholic father.

Destroy the figure of the father, dissolve the family, deconstruct the school, deprive the human being of the religious dimension and throw him into a condition of pure consumerism without the ties that make us less vulnerable to evil and violence, foment a vulgarized and exhibitionist culture as a consequence of the '60s with its Western collective guilt and an illegitimate and purely liberal society and you will have the America of the massacres.