How can a Holocaust survivor condemn Trump for being pro-Israel?
How can a Holocaust survivor condemn Trump for being pro-Israel?

Rachel Patron, in a recent  article in the Sun-Sentinel, a major daily in South Florida, describes her experience as a 14 year old Holocaust survivor who was one of the fortunate few who escaped the Nazi slaughter of 200,000 of her relatives, friends and neighbors in Lodz, Poland during WWII.

She continues on to strangely condemn President Trump for his strong support of American Jews and Israel and for his outright condemnation of Muslim Congresswomen Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Rashid Tlaib (D-MI) for their Jew/Israel hating remarks.  She calls him ""super sensitive."  Apparently attempting to speak for all of us Jews, she writes; "In the past three years, we as Jews have been singled out for Donald Trump's unwanted love. He is using us in plotting his re-election. This must stop, not only because it's humiliating, but because it's dangerous."

If the uncouth, outspoken, shooting from the hip, Donald J. Trump had been our president during the ascent of Nazi Germany, perhaps she would still be living happily in Europe along with the 6 million.
Really? If the uncouth, outspoken, shooting from the hip, Donald J. Trump had been our president during the ascent of Nazi Germany, perhaps she would still be living happily in Europe along with the 6 million who perished largely because of the Jew hating of President Roosevelt and the silence of the whole world to the Holocaust.

I, personally, want a leader who supports my people. Have we not learned our lesson when we observed such prominent Jew/Israel haters as  Al Sharpton, Rev. Wright welcomed into the White House during the Obama administration and just what president was photographed with Louis Farrakhan at a Black Congressional Caucus meeting? That should have concerned her. It does me.

Ms. Patron should understand the violence that devastated the European community began with the rise of anti-Semites right out of the mold of Omar and Tlaib who insinuated and spread their hate into Germany and all of Europe. Look at how weakly, spinelessly and cravenly the  Democrat controlled House of Representatives reacted to the slander of American Jews by Ms. Omar. They couldn't even condemn her by name and the watered down anti-hate resolution they passed offered protection to everybody; women, gays, blacks, Muslims, handicapped and.....Jews. A massive cover-up for hate that exists among their own.

And Patron knocks Trump for supporting Jews and Israel? As a victim of hate, herself, should she not pat Trump on the back for his apparent love and support for American Jewry and Israel?

And speaking of Israel, Patron is of the mistaken opinion that Israel should not be an issue in the upcoming elections. She mistakenly, perhaps out of political biases, claims that; "Today, Israel is rich and strong." She implies that the Jewish State does not need American support, militarily, economically or diplomatically. Just how did our Obama appointed ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power, vote on the 2016 Security Council Resolution 2334 that condemned Israel? Did she veto it? Nope. She abstained and it was passed with a unanimous vote. Would DJT permit that? Think about it.

Is Ms. Patron aware of the worldwide Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement that intends to strangle Israel in the world markets? The EU and most of the UN are supportive of this death wish for Israel. Trump has come out against this attack on Israel. Elan Carr, our new envoy to combat anti-Semitism, told reporters, in discussing BDS: "The idea that somehow there can be movements organized to deny Israel its legitimacy, and not to allow Israel to participate in economic commerce in the world, sure that is {anti-Semitic}. Hatred of the Jewish State is hatred of the Jewish people."

What sane believer in democracy could oppose those words? Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Rashida Tlaib and loads of their supporters surely do.

And as for the implied "strength" of Israel, just how strong were they when rockets from Hamas launched from Gaza keep flying into Israel without that state crushing down on these terrorists once and or all? And how about the constant threats made by Iran about incinerating Israel once they have their hands on a nuclear weapon? Could Israel handle that situation alone? Does it need a big brother? Has Trump threatened Iran for retaliation if they attack Israel? Of course Israel cannot stand alone. Look at the nations that surround it.

And to remind Ms. Patron of Trump's support for Israel, even considering that we Jews make up only about 2.6% of the population, a small number of votes, indeed. Yet look how he's gone out of his political way to support the Jewish State: He's closed the PLO office in D.C., moved our Embassy to Jerusalem and recognized it as the capital, withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal and imposed sanctions to weaken that nation He turned off the spigot of US $ supporting the terror-enabling UNWRA and by enforcing the Taylor Force Act he cut financial support to the Palestinians who were using our funds to pay-off terrorists' families pensions for life and his first US Ambassador to the UN was Nikki Haley, the most pro-Israel one we've ever had.

To show their love for President Trump, Israel even named a city in The Golan, Ramat Trump.  And by the way, Trump would be the first president ever, to have his grandkids, Bas and Bar Mitzvah'd. So there!

In summation, I find that Rachel Patron's denigration of President Trump, based on his support for Jews, Israel and democracy, is dangerous to the health of not only every American citizen, Jew or not, but to our great friend, Israel and to this nation as well. As a Holocaust survivor herself, Rachel should be the first one to ring the warning bell ringer to this hatred of Jews promulgated by these dangerous women of her own party.

She has lived through it. But sadly, because of her political bias she refuses to acknowledge not only the growing Jew hating sprouting in this country but the sincere efforts of President Trump to stomp them out. An open case of selfish stupidity and willful amnesia. I say, "Never Again!"