No “Me Tarzan” moment at Mueller hearings
No “Me Tarzan” moment at Mueller hearings

If Republicans were smart, they would keep Mueller testifying every day until Trump crosses the finish line.

It was that kind of a morning and afternoon for House Democrats as they kept pestering and schlepping Mueller from one committee to another.

All the while, trying to keep him awake…and waiting, in vain, to give them something, anything, to salvage nearly three years of wasted effort. 

Quite a let-down after so much pre-event hype and hoopla. This was doomsday for the witch-hunt. 

Maybe it was the weather. There isn’t much doing in July – during a heat wave. Even politicians have had enough of politics.

Well, for Democrats, Trump is always in season. For Nadler and Schiff and their Democrat-majority committees, there is no time like the present to get the goods on Trump.

Which Mueller failed to provide during Wednesday’s snooze-a-thon. 

Yes, the Democrats will go on. Trump is all they’ve got.
Not for lack of trying, on their part. But it was the same script and the same movie we’ve been watching for some three years and the plot is still the same. 

Get Trump.

The denouement (pardon my French) is still to be revealed, but the guessing here is…to misquote Samuel Beckett, “We can’t go on. We will go on.” 

Yes, the Democrats will go on. Trump is all they’ve got. Take away Trump and they have no life, no reason to live, no excuse to get up in the morning. 

Trump is the only reason Adam Schiff gets out of bed. 

Where was Spartacus? Cory “I am Spartacus” Booker wasn’t there to thump his chest because he’s a senator -- and we missed that sort of action in the House to liven up the place.  

Although the showboating did not Get Kavanaugh, either. 

Trump appears to be quite safe if Wednesday’s performance is any indication….and if it is a preview of what an impeachment gala would look like.

It would not look like Broadway, but as summer stock theater, or a tryout in Scranton, or off-off Broadway in the Village.

People show up to give the amateurs a hand.

The ratings aren’t in yet. In Rome, when the gladiators were dull, they were sent to the lions after the emperor signaled thumbs down. That is how they did their ratings.

Expect relatively big numbers for the Breakfast-with-Nadler show and steep decline for the Lunch-with-Schiff spectacle. America had had enough. 

Every network, every channel tuned in for the entire proceedings, journalists hoping, praying for that “Me Tarzan” moment. 

Like the 1950s and the drama that helped finish off Sen. Joseph McCarthy when Attorney Joseph Welch exclaimed, “Have you no decency?”

The media ran no commercials, at a cost of millions, so desperate were they waiting on Mueller to deliver a crushing quote against Trump.

There isn’t even enough news for a headline – nothing there to stop the presses. 

Written, produced and directed by the Democrats…America was witness to a flop. 

That’ll do to declare Trump the winner.

New York-based bestselling American novelist Jack Engelhard writes regularly for Arutz Sheva.

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