Alyssa Milano is simply idiotic
Alyssa Milano is simply idiotic

I’d like to warn you that the following is graphic.

Over the past month there’s been a ridiculous and ongoing public debate about the validity of the comparison of the US Southern border to Nazi Germany. This past week the debate plunged even deeper into absurd mud, and the intellectual graveyard of soft Holocaust deniers welcomed a new member: Alyssa Milano.

I don’t like to call people idiotic unless it’s truly and demonstrably warranted. In this case I have no scruples about my assertion: Alyssa Milano is an idiot. Allow me to explain:

Alyssa Milano posted a picture showing SS Fuhrer Heinrich Himmler touring a prisoner camp side by side with a photo of Vice President Pence touring a Southern border detention center in an attempt to draw a comparison between the two situations.

This and other similar comparisons are either a sinister attempt to distort the Nazi campaign while demonizing the United States, or examples of some of the most obnoxious expressions of human ignorance.

I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt. Im going to assume that with her robust career she was just too busy to look into it, so I had some downtime and I did it for her!
I began to wonder, how could somebody post a picture like that, regarding a subject they obviously know nothing about, without spending at least six minutes on google making sure it’s a legitimate and founded comparison? I’m not typically overly pedantic, but it seems like the responsible thing to do especially due to the controversy that’s already been stoked.

Call me optimistic, but I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt. Im going to assume that with her robust career she was just too busy to look into it, so I had some downtime and I did it for her!

With this fancy tool called the internet (the same tool Alyssa Milano used to post this utterly stupid picture) any person can access the full archive of Nuremberg testimony online (shout out to Harvard). I figured the various testimonies of witnesses and perpetrators would help illustrate any reasonable comparison between the situations so we can clear the air.

I came across this ten page transcript of testimony by one Anton Pacholegg. Anton was an Austrian patent lawyer who was arrested by the SS for allegedly working with British intelligence and conducting business with Jews. He was sent to Dachau in 1942, where he was witness to the workings of one Dr. Sigmund Rascher.

Sigmund Rascher was a doctor who came into contact with Heinrich Himmler through his wife, Mrs. Rascher. Shortly after meeting Himmler, Rascher presented a paper to Himmler about cancer research and expressed a desire to use human test subjects for the treatment. Himmler agreed to this and put him in charge of the new Human Cancer Testing Center at Dachau concentration camp. 

The cancer treatment trials may or may not have been innocuous tests (couldn’t find much about that), but it’s clear that Rascher and Himmler’s new Dachau initiative quickly descended into a sadistic nightmare, one that they both seemed to have really relished.

I’ve reproduced some excerpts from the testimony below:

Anton Pacholegg’s testimony regarding human experiments with extreme air pressure:

“I have personally seen through the observation window of the decompression chamber when a prisoner inside would stand a vacuum until his lungs ruptured… They would go mad and pull out their hair in an effort to relieve the pressure. They would tear their heads and face with their fingers and nails in an attempt to maim themselves in their madness. They would beat the walls with their hands and head and scream in an effort to relieve pressure on their eardrums. These cases usually ended in the death of the subject.”

Human experiments with blood coagulates:

“The prisoner would be taken into the gas chamber of the new crematorium and extremities of the body would be amputated without the use of living bodies were used to simulate battle field condition wounds and shell fire wounds. The coagulation tests were being conducted at this time”

And just pure sadistic madness:

“The most disturbing part, is that when the prisoners were lined up, Rascher would go along and make what he called a leather inspection. He would grab a man by the buttocks and/or thigh and say “good”. After they had been killed, the skin from those bodies would be removed from those thighs and buttocks. I was in the office many times when human skin with blood still on it was brought to Rascher. After the bodies had been carried away, Rascher would inspect them carefully, holding them up to the light for flaws, and would pass on them until they were tanned. They were always stretched over small wooden frames when they came to Rascher. I saw the finished leather later made into a handbag that Mrs. Rascher was carrying”

Nauseating and unpleasant to say the least.

Now how idiotic would it be to take this small snapshot of Nazi cruelty, and juxtapose it with a snapshot of the alleged cruelty being carried out by the Trump/Pence administration on the Southern Border?

I stand by my assertion: Alyssa Milano is an idiot..