The Dems and their trouble with “old people" - like Joe Biden
The Dems and their trouble with “old people" - like Joe Biden

For all the reasons not to vote for Joe Biden (or any Democrat), it should not be because of his age.

Yet for the Democrat contenders who shared the stage with him during the Miami debate, “good old Joe” was a target of disdain and mockery because he is 76.

Soon he may be 77. Yes, if you ask them, it keeps getting worse.

Careful now marking your age when applying for any job.
One candidate particularly bothered by this was Eric Swalwell, who put it like this directly to Biden, to his face – “Time to pass the torch.”

That sounds like Ageism – prejudice against people due their age.

So if that’s all right in their brave new world, we all need to watch out. Careful now marking your age when applying for any job.

If because you are not getting any younger, and are therefore deemed past your prime to be president, no chance you are fit to be dishwasher. 

Reagan was 73, going on 74, when he entered office for a second term.

His best years were still ahead of him. So are Trump’s, who was 70 and the oldest when elected.

Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. at 90, when catching the sight of a beautiful woman: “O, to be 80 again.” (Credit: the book by Stephen Budiansky) 

Back to the Democrats and other liberal elites, these, our moralists, including the news media.  This is the crowd that believes itself to be so sensitive to feelings, certainly on gender and race, in fact it’s what they’re all about, and yet no one spoke up to defend Biden, or seniors in general. 

Not a word from the presidential hopefuls, nor from Democrats anywhere across the country.

There was no protest that this is wrong.

So that’s the consensus among Democrats, or so it appears, that a certain class of people deserve to be marginalized and stigmatized and ostracized because they have aged. There is still time for someone to object at such discrimination – and we are still waiting. Nancy Pelosi? She’s 79, and not a sound from her, either. 

Meantime, the clock is still ticking, for Joe, for everyone.

There are parts in all of us, I was about to say, that nothing can change; gender, for instance.

Bad example, from their point of view.

According to the culture they’ve introduced for all of us, any man can say he’s a woman and any woman can say she’s a man.

Okay, let it be so. 

If that’s how it is, Joe Biden should be able to declare himself 56, or 36.

What’s fair for gender ought to be fair for age.

Yes, that’s ridiculous. 

But it is their world. Not mine.

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