Trump's 2020 official kickoff
Trump's 2020 official kickoff

Israel and the American Jewish lifestyle are at risk if we don’t re-elect Donald J. Trump and vote in true Republicans and Conservatives who support the President’s agenda.

Why is it ours to lose?...

The Democrats have no message, no agenda and no candidate singled out as a leader with a voice.  Rumors are that there are over 20 anti-Israel, Pro-Palestinian Islamic practicing potential candidates willing to throw their hats into congressional races with a goal of joining AOC, Rashida Tlaib and Ilan Omar in their Twitter posts, rallies and on the floor of Congress spurring hate for Israel and Zionism.

We know all about the Democrats.

It’s those creepy, not so obvious Republicans we have to watch out for.  I still clearly remember the day before the 2016 Arizona primary when Donald Trump endorsed John McCain over Kelli Ward, or in 2018 when Donald Trump endorsed Dan Donovan over Michael Grimm.  We ended up losing big with both.

We need to stop the phony Republicans TODAY.  

I urge every single voter reading this to google votes in Congress and see for yourself if your candidate is a true ally of the president!!

Next, we have to check out groups, events and petitions claiming they represent Trump’s policies, words and long term agenda.  Too many of us are fooled into believing charlatans who scream Trump! Trump!, wear the famous MAGA hat, photoshop pictures for social media and claim to run legitimate groups with believable names like Patriotic Republicans, or Something For Trump.

Many of us were shocked in May when published reports confirmed that the Trump campaign distanced itself from David Bossie over an alleged scam.  The former deputy campaign manager, Fox News Contributer and longtime friend to the President was accused of using his political group to scam elderly Republican voters for his own financial gain.

Here are some tips to question if you think you might be getting scammed or want to question if these groups and leaders are legitimate:

  • Gofundme pages — The RNC doesn’t raise money that way
  • People who claim to support our President standing with NeverTrumpers
  • Ask local, district, county and state leaders if they support these groups, hold their charters for legitimate representation and if they are personally attending events, sending volunteers and offering support for the gatherings you question
  • Be very skeptical of Facebook pages—who likes, follows and shares with you - and check as best you can your friend requests

Usually, if something sounds too good to be true, it is

Have questions?

Call your local county and state official GOP and Conservative party leaders for advice.  They welcome your questions. Also contact the Republican National Committee directly.

Some groups I can recommend:

1.The Exodus Movement which is the only group with 501c4 status and the legal ability to be involved with political activity. Lara Trump, senior advisor to the 2020 Trump 2020 campaign, also supported them with a tweet in March 2019 which sent a clear signal about the importance the Trump campaign is placing on the Jewish vote.

2. Jews Choose Trump

As I am writing this, I have received no less than four phone calls from Jewish organization leaders who have been asked to participate in rallies and events and have no idea of the players involved.

I will share what I told them when asked if they should participate and attend:

Call out those Democrats who remain silent, because their silence is their approval of what their party is turning into.  Call their bluff!
Alert Long Island is featuring Katie Hopkins as its speaker. Sounded great!  Until they announced that Vickie Paladino was introducing her.  Did Katie Hopkins do research on who is addressing this crowd or who is on its board?  I can’t blame Ms. Hopkins, a respected political commenter, who has been making headlines for screening her anti-Muslim documentary in Jerusalem.  Was Hopkins aware that Vickie Paladino boasted about her support from those who are white supremacist or Holocaust deniers or somebody who makes videos calling Hitler a great man and burning the Israeli flag?

How about the “rabbi” on the board of this Suffolk County group who claims to be a child of a Holocaust survivor who befriends and defends Paladino and her crew of supporters?  This rabbi claims to be religious, yet performs intermarriages, is not Shomer Shabbos and allows non Jews to stand on the Bima and handle Jewish religious symbols as services are ongoing.

The leader of another group, IlhanMustGo, spoke at a meeting that Vickie Paladino led, and stood in the company of these same folks.

Vickie Paladino has no political power, money or major media attention to help anyone, despite what she may say or think. She lost two races within a 12 month period.

The ONLY way to get rid of any elected official is TO VOTE THEM OUT!!!!

And a poster of a group claiming something other than what they are: Why Aren’t Jews On The Trump Train

We know what the Trump Administration has done for Israel.  We don’t discuss enough how American Jews have benefited from the economy, border security, more respect globally for the United States.

Why are so many American Jews so anti-Trump?  It’s way more than a tweet. Stop using the excuse of attacking Ted Cruz in 2016. He did.

My friend and host of the popular Josh Bernstein Show on Amazon TV  and I recently spoke at length about Jews, Trump and how we Jews only want to hurt ourselves.

“Most Jews have a strong feeling of "Jewish Guilt" for being the "Chosen People" and so therefore in order to rid themselves of this, they vote for those in society that need an upper hand which the majority are anti Semitic.”

Our question is, How much self-afflicted pain and suffering must we endure before we realize what we are doing?

Watch this youtube video for debating this argument.

While we were prepping for a three day Shabbos and Shavuot, Democrats, Fake Media, RINO Republicans, Never Trumpers and The Majority Of American Jews were having a love fest against our commander-in-chief when he threatened tariffs against Mexico.  I love my avocado and tequila as much as anyone else, but I understood where the President was coming from. Then, the press office of the White House issued this statement on June 7, 2019 regarding the U.S.-Mexico Joint Declaration, stating:

The United States and Mexico met this week to address the shared challenges of irregular migration, to include the entry of migrants into the United States in violation of U.S. law.  Given the dramatic increase in migrants moving from Central America through Mexico to the United States, both countries recognize the vital importance of rapidly resolving the humanitarian emergency and security situation.  The Governments of the United States and Mexico will work together to immediately implement a durable solution.As a result of these discussions, the United States and Mexico commit to:

  • Mexican Enforcement Surge
  • Migrant Protection Protocols
  • Further Actions
  • Ongoing Regional Strategy

This is good for Mexican Jews, American Jews and Israel.

Another good lesson, call out those Democrats who remain silent, because their silence is their approval of what their party is turning into.  Call their bluff!!!!

I have shared a lot of information to think about, but the time is now to do the right thing — help re-elect Donald Trump and restore a Republican House Of Representatives.  Also, turn blue states red, as we are learning daily the craziness in the state capitals of blue states, driving lifelong residents to relocate.

Please feel free to email me at [email protected]. Cindy Grosz is on the National Diversity Coalition for Trump.