The chicken, the egg and the Arab-Israel conflict
The chicken, the egg and the Arab-Israel conflict

Fifteen years ago, I wrote an analysis dealing with the blame game in the Arab-Israeli conflict.

On a routine check of the article’s progress, to my surprise, I discovered that, among other places, the late, courageous Pakistani author and publisher, Tashbih Sayyed, found it on his own and used it as the lead editorial in his print newspaper, Pakistan Today. Tashbih had recently (and wisely) exited Pakistan for California.

Unfortunately, nothing’s changed much since then…

Arabs--many if not most of whom came into the original 1920 Mandate of Palestine after World War I and the breakup of the Ottoman Turkish Empire from elsewhere--then, for the first time in history and in order to negate millennial Jewish historical claims to the land, next decided that it was best to call themselves “Palestinians” instead of Arabs. With almost two dozen states, it would be hard to make a case for "stateless" Arabs... Stateless Palestinians became the selling point instead. See the explanation of PLO Executive Committee member, Zuheir Mohsein, near the end of the article in the following link on this very issue...


Almost a century later, it’s still basically the same routine.

Jewish civilians are deliberately targeted, terrorized, maimed, and murdered and property destroyed - lately arson is the main effort -  by Arabs, and this next becomes morally equated with Arab non-combatants who die because their heroes deliberately use them as human shields.

We're next told that all of this starts in the first place because of Israeli "oppression"... aka measures Jews are forced to take to try to stop Arabs from literally butchering their kids. While there’s unfortunately numerous examples of this, let’s consider the following sequence of events from around the time when I wrote that first surprise editorial for Pakistan Today...

Molly Moore of the Washington Post once reported on progress in talks between then Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and the latter-day Arafatian in a suit, Fatah’s and the  PA's Mahmoud Abbas. In the passing, she quoted from Hamas spokesman, Abdul Aziz Rantisi, who held out the possibility of halting terror against Israelis. This, "of course," was to be contingent on Israel first stopping all actions it has been forced to take to stop the murder itself. 

A few days earlier we had heard that certain U.S. "officials" (translate as hostile State Department Arabists) pondered that, in acknowledging Israeli concerns regarding the then proposed “Road Map,” new disputes with the Arabs would surface. 

Translate “Road Map” in subsequent years--prior to the breath of fresh air in the new age of President Trump--as any so-called negotiations, otherwise known as Jew arm twisting. Arabs openly called those a “Trojan Horse.”

Israel was expected to do all the giving while Arabs would do all the taking in such events. And if Israel dared to protest, it could expect the wrath of Condoleezza Rice, Joe Biden, John Kerry, James Baker III, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Samantha Power, and other Chief Executive attack dogs as a result—culminating in the blatant hostility of President Obama himself. 

Jews expecting the promise of the final draft of UNSC Res. 242 after the ‘67 War for a territorial compromise in the disputed lands instead of a forced return to the suicidal armistice lines of 1949, which turned Israel into a forever vulnerable 9-15 mile wide zipper of a state, were demonized and treated accordingly by the American leader himself. This summarizes the dispute over Settlement Issue in a nutshell.

So yes, those above concerns voiced by certain “officials” that if Israel’s own interests were also taken into consideration, additional problems with Arabs would arise and still remain obviously true.

Arabs continue to think that they're going to shove the pre-'67 Auschwitz/armistice lines down Israel's throat once again.

As 242’s chief architect, Lord Caradon, Professor Eugene Rostow, and other leading international legal scholars have pointed out, those armistice lines, especially in Judea and Samaria -- the "West Bank" -- were never meant to be permanent borders. 242 stated that Israel would receive more secure, defensible, and real recognized borders to replace those lines as a result of any peace-making process.

Arabs and their various anti-Semite, oil-addicted, and/or other supporters remain looking for a virtual resurrection of the 1993 Oslo debacle. In Oslo I, the more Israel tangibly gave, the more it bled. Ditto for Oslo II.

The “Road Map” died in its tracks because Arabs refused to do the one thing that could have breathed life into it: stop the terror and slaughter of Jews. 

Let's get something straight…

The problems that both Abbas and Hamas had earlier cited -- Israeli incursions, assaults, checkpoints, protective fence/wall, travel restrictions, and other measures which admittedly cause inconvenience and frustration for Arabs --were eggs laid and hatched as a result of the Arabs’ own rejectionist hens raised on both of their farms.

The Palestinian Authority and Hamas have simply been playing a game of good cop/bad cop with Jews to win as many one-sided concessions as possible. "Moderate" PA spokesmen have described Oslo as a "Trojan Arabs continue to kill and terrorize not to "end occupation"-- but to end Israel. A mere look at their websites quickly illustrates this. There is no Israel present in their maps, and "Palestine" exists in place of Israel, not next to it. 

Camp David 2000 and Taba clearly showed that occupation and settlements were not the problem. While it's been said many times, it must be repeated yet again... 

Israel had offered Arafat over 97% of the disputed territories along with half of Jerusalem, etc. Ambassador Dennis Ross was there and confirmed the offer for a contiguous state...not "disconnected cantons" as anti-Israel attackers now claim. 

The sticky point both then and now was/is the existence of a viable Israel, regardless of size.

Arabs continue to kill and terrorize not to "end occupation"--unless one understands that to mean Tel Aviv as well as Hevron -- but to end Israel. A mere look at their websites quickly illustrates this. There is no Israel present in either's maps, and "Palestine" exists in place of Israel, not next to it. 

Arabs target Jewish innocents because, in too many Arab eyes, no Jew living in a Jewish state is innocent. 

How dare Israeli Jews, half of whom are from refugee families from "Arab " lands (where they were known as kilab yahud, "Jew Dogs"), want in one minuscule state what Arabs have conquered and forcibly Arabized for themselves in almost two dozen others.

Arabs have rejected an independent Kurdish state, Amazigh/”Berber” state, black African Sudanese state, etc. for the same reasons -- a belief that only they have the right to rule lands where many different peoples have historically lived and live. 

Regardless of the chants of the popular anti-Israel chorus, there is no moral equivalency between those who murder and those who try to prevent murder.

After 9/11, the United States didn't negotiate with al-Qaeda or the Taliban. It sent cruise missiles, B-52, and B-1 bombers to do the "negotiating." Yet much of the world still expects Israel to constantly allow itself to be terrorized. Al-Qaeda and ISIS have had gripes with America too, but that didn't lead us to seek "accommodation" with those who targeted us and our allies.

So, here’s my closing thoughts on all of this for now…

The next time you read some columnist complaining about those Zionists, consider the following: 

Before anything can be done to ease up on the measures and restrictions Israel has been forced to take to try to limit Arab terror, the Arabs themselves must control those who deliberately disembowel, maim, and incinerate Jews and destroy their land and property. 

What other nation would demand less? 

In this situation, there's no mistaking which came first…

As long as Arab hens continue their deadly business as usual, misery for their own people will also hatch from those very same eggs that are laid.