What's wrong with a Torah state, MK Liberman?
What's wrong with a Torah state, MK Liberman?

Because of the humongous and psychologically imbalanced ego of Avigdor Liberman, the State of Israel will now have to waste 500 million shekels on a totally unnecessary election.

It is no secret that many poor people in Israel are hard-pressed to pay monthly bills, and that Holocaust survivors struggle to live with dignity for a shortage of funds, that many young couples don’t have the money to buy an apartment, and that many sick people can’t afford the medical treatment they need.

The 500 million shekels could have been divided among them instead of being burnt on the altar of Liberman’s self-righteousness and petty dislike for Benjamin Netanyahu. Yes, the Haredim should serve in the army and they are on the way to improving their participation rate, but coercion has the opposite effect. 

Anyway, if sharing the burden equally is the issue, then secular youth should be compelled to study the Torah for 2 to 3 years, as part of their national service. It's their heritage. Fair is fair.

What can we learn from this pathetic situation whereby the political parties elected by the Israeli public cannot unite to form a government? For one thing, we can see that the current political system in Israel doesn’t work.  

Perhaps this is what Hashem is telling us. With a look of fire in his eyes, Avigor Liberman vows that he won’t let the Haredim control the government and turn Israel into a Halakhic State. Who was it who said, in Hamlet,  “The lady doth protest too much, methinks,”?  

Indeed, it could very well be that a Halakhic State is exactly what Israel needs. To Liberman, and to the champions of secularism like him, along with all of champions of liberalism, gay rights, abortion, and intermarriage, a State guided by the laws and moral teachings of the Torah is the worst thing in the world that could happen. Their fight isn’t against the Haredim – it is a war against the Torah and G-d.

What does a Torah State mean? Internationally, it means that Israel will still export life-enhancing innovations to the world, in hi-tech, medicine, agriculture, computer technology…, just as it does now, with the added dimension that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will export the life-enhancing teachings of the Torah to the nations of the world, to aid them in rectifying their moral and spiritual abysses, and bring them to the true knowledge of G-d.

Once the Gentiles get excited and the Torah goes viral, Jews alienated from Judaism and from any remnants of Jewish Identity other than bagels and lox, will take notice and want to jump on the bandwagon. After all, if the Torah is “cool” to the goyim, Jews will want to try it as well.

A Torah State in Israel means that all government departments and projects, like building bridges and railway tracks, will be suspended on Shabbat. It means that Torah education will be a main part of the curriculum in public schools. A National Tzedaka Institute will provide charity to all needy souls. Aliyah allotments and benefits will be substantially increased to promote the ingathering of the exiles. Women will not serve in the army in any combat roles or as instructors for men. Lecturers with anti-Torah agendas and opinions will not be allowed into army bases or schools. Foreign journalists with an anti-Israel bias will be turned away at the airport. The Haaretz newspaper will stop being antisemitic.

Enemies who threaten the State of Israel will be offered a chance to desist or be totally destroyed. The Palestinian Authority and the Hamas will cease to exist. Jewish sovereignty will return to all the Biblical borders of Eretz Yisrael. Any non-Jew resident who refuses to accept Israeli sovereignty will be ousted from the Land. Same-gender marriages, and the like, will be out. The traditional family will flourish.

The Beit HaMikdash will be restored on the Temple Mount in all of its former glory. The Sanhedrin will be re-instituted and the legal system will be guided by Halakha. Bibi Netanyahu will become a baal tshuva and be appointed to govern, or a ruler shall be chosen by a national election.

Did I miss anything? What the matter with all that?