Robert Mueller’s 9-minute meltdown
Robert Mueller’s 9-minute meltdown

Have we run out of heroes?

Where is the good guy …the cowboy who rides into town to clean out the bad guys?

Well, it ain’t Bob Mueller. Whatever goodwill he had stacked up, he ruined it all in nine minutes, during a TV speech that was similar to the church scene in “High Noon,” where the mayor appears to be praising a desperate Gary Cooper, but is instead burying him -- shades of Mueller two-timing President Trump.

Mueller turned out to be just another bum.

That’s too bad. We could use a hero. Even while he was talking, and we saw which way he was going, so cleverly slanting his message against the president, we wondered if there was anyone left that we could trust, because it isn’t this guy. He had us for two years and unable to resist the spotlight, he blew it all. The New York Post’s Michael Goodwin tells it well.

Are they all bums?

Seems to me, yes. Just about. The overall observation is that they are all crooked and in it for themselves and to hell with the people they were elected to serve.

Guess what? The only honest person in the room is… Trump! There, I said, do you need to hear it again?

Well it sure isn’t Nadler, or Comey, or Clapper, or Brennan, or Schiff, or any of them from the news media, in which there isn’t a single Edward R. Murrow.

Half the people reading this don’t know who that was. Well he was the last cowboy journalist, which means he stood tall against mendacity and tyranny and witch hunter Joe McCarthy.

Today that would be Murrow versus Jerry Nadler, but there is no more Murrow, but there is Nadler and company, and what they are doing against Trump is tyranny.

Guess what? The only honest person in the room is… Trump! There, I said, do you need to hear it again?
What else would you call a political party that delights in only one purpose, which is to bring down one man, Trump, and those associated with him?

It is also tyranny when only one side gets to speak and the other side gets banned through censorship.

We are not supposed to do Inquisitions in America. Read this.

We were created to let everyone freely and fearlessly speak his or her mind and, as per Micah the prophet, “no one shall make us afraid.”

Americans were trained to believe in cowboys…heroes riding tall in the saddle…or am I speaking of a previous generation?

We cheered Cooper and Alan Ladd in “Shane” because heroism is what we do, still do so militarily to this day, but politically we are a generation of weaklings, and even villains.

The worry is that we will become, or have become so jaded as to expect greatness no more, but only mediocrity.

We saw the full of it in Mueller’s nine minutes.

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