How to avoid liberals on Fox News
How to avoid liberals on Fox News

A reader writes: “Dear Mr. Engelhard. I am a regular reader of your columns and a huge fan of your eye-opening book on media bias.”

She goes on: “So since you know who they are, can you please help me, because I am getting frantic. The other day, I heard Juan Williams say on Fox News that ‘you can’t trust the Zionists’ during a discussion of Rashida Tlaib. Don’t we have enough of that from all the other media? Did you hear Juan Williams? Are you as upset as I am?”

No, I did not hear that remark from Juan Williams. That’s because I use the mute button when he starts talking.

I know what’s coming and some time ago I swore that never again will I let such persons spoil my appetite and ruin my day. The fine people at the ZOA, the Zionist Organization of America, obviously are not as quick with the mute button as I am, and so they heard Juan Williams, and are correctly furious, as to be expected from a group that stands tall and courageous for Israel.

They are suggesting that Fox News should go ahead and suspend him.

We have a half-informed public, and that is why slippery fellows like de Blasio and Pete Buttigieg manage to draw crowds…vying for 2020 to Make America Poor Again.
Sounds good, but I politely disagree. Such moves tend to backfire. Suspend the Left, and they will suspend the Right, doubly, which Facebook is already doing.

Besides, we will always have Liberals. “But why,” asks my reader, “must we have them on the only network that’s been a refuge, Fox News? Why not CNN where they belong?”

I doubt that CNN can house any more of them. They are already swinging from the chandeliers and hanging from the rafters, wall to wall Liberals; not a Conservative in sight, including the maintenance crews. The same goes for the rest of the media, which has sold its soul to the Democrat Party – and done so brazenly.

This means we have a half-informed public, and that is why slippery fellows like de Blasio and Pete Buttigieg manage to draw crowds…vying for 2020 to Make America Poor Again.

The crowds don’t know any better. They only know what they are being told, and worse, what they are not being told.

“Half the news that’s fit to print,” as we have it in the book, “The Bathsheba Deadline” that my reader mentioned, and as Mark Levin tells it in “Unfreedom of the Press.”

So, lacking the full picture, voters go to the polls, and hand over half our Congress to lawmakers who have no love for Trump, no knowledge for traditional America, and no clarity for Israel.

The media will not allow any of their followers to get smart. The trick is to keep Americans barefoot and pregnant, as the hillbilly saying goes.

But Fox News? As the reader writes, we count on it to be a refuge, and it is, until, to keep it “fair and “balanced,” on comes someone from leftfield, as if we haven’t heard enough from Juan, or Geraldo, or Jessica Tarlov, or Donna Brazile, or Shepard Smith. We know their views on Trump and Israel – so why bother? It is all so predictable.

The concept of “fair and balanced” sounds good, but it does not seem okay when just one TV or print news source adheres to a principle so virtuous, when the rest of them don’t.

From the moment Dean Baquet of The New York Timesauthorized his staff to express personal opinions in print, it’s been gung-ho mendacious Liberalism.

Translated – small chance for Trump; no chance for Israel, and so it has been throughout the media.

For the rest of us, except for Fox News now and then, where do we go to catch a break?

New York-based bestselling American novelist Jack Engelhard writes regularly for Arutz Sheva.

He is the author of the international book-to-movie bestseller “Indecent Proposal.” His latest is the newsroom drama “News Anchor Sweetheart.”  His Inside Journalism thriller, “The Bathsheba Deadline,” is being prepared for the movies. Contemporaries have hailed him “The last Hemingway, a writer without peer, and the conscience of us all.” Website: