Democrats – profound on the surface but deep down, very superficial
Democrats – profound on the surface but deep down, very superficial

A don, the story goes, was overheard lampooning a colleague: “On the surface he’s profound but deep down he’s superficial.” A delectable way to expose the mind of one scholar; but could it expose the mind of Democrats, and even the like-minded so far afield as Cape Town? By means of a bridge built by George Orwell, yes – the Democrat mind would be accessible in Timbuktu!

The luminary of his era, in his famed laconic fashion, accessed the Dem mind without intending to. “Some ideas are so stupid that only intellectuals will believe them.” Put ‘Dems’ for ‘intellectuals” to make the truism fit snug as a glove. Add some other luminary who wrote this gem, “When you don’t believe in God you don’t believe in nothing, you believe in anything,” and, perchance that Orwell left any holes to fill, this will fill them good and proper.  

Pick a fashionable cause and there Dems will be – getting hysterical, driving everyone mad to believe an idea so foolish only they will believe it – even that the end of the world is nigh if we don’t stop climate change. Dems are the outstanding producers and packagers of guilt in our time.

Take their everlasting quibble over Palestinian rights and Israeli wrongs. “A sore evil under the sun,” old King Solomon might have said of the cock-and-bull morality play called the Peace Process. It’s a cause which brings foolish intellectuals out in droves. Every Dem and his aunt glow with righteous wrath when the ‘Two State Solution’ hits town. Academic Dems contract the solution to One State (as if there’s even one example of Muslims ruling benignly over Jews) and hang their gowns on the peg of wiping the Benjamin state off the map. If they don’t agree to go, then boycott the Benjamins.

Overbearing Dems kicking up dust swell the BDS bubble to the point of bursting. If a rousing brass band accompanied all the fuss and bother it would play a rendition of ‘John Brown’s Body.’ Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of Palestine. It will trample over Israel where victims of occupation pine...

Another guilt trip (Dems among the Jews can’t seem to trip enough on it) goes under the name, ‘Inclusivity.’ Be inclusive, Jews. Love the stranger in your midst, Jews. You’re part of humanity, don’t be so particularist, Jews. In the Dems’ armoury the word is a weapon of choice. The device drips with malice and is fraught with peril, and Dems cannot fire the word infused with their red-hot anger too often. Their distaste for Judaism contrasts with their deference to Islam. Muslims, who are more particularist than Jews, are welcome to be as different as they please.

When Passover comes, Jews, be extra careful to love the stranger. Progressive Rabbi Greg Alexander from Cape Town learns from commentaries on the Exodus that Moses loved the stranger more than the Jews of today:

“A whole mass of Egyptians, freed slaves, opportunists, Egyptian civil rights activists and dreamers walked out of Egypt alongside the Israelites. Were they accepted by Moses? It seems they were;” and the rabbi arrives at the lesson Jews can take from Moses: “This Passover may we look beyond our own circle to see who is on the periphery wanting admission, and let us welcome them in.”

A profound lesson – until you scratch the surface. The rabbi, brimful of mod Inclusivity, chose to stop there; but where do the commentaries lead? To a different lesson altogether which modern Jews could learn from the Exodus. What did those opportunists who tagged along with the Israelites get up to in the desert? They got the Israelites into bad, bad trouble. Moses had hardly left the rabble and went atop Sinai to get the Commandments, when what happened? The rabble which had traipsed along with the Israelites went and fashioned a Golden Calf, which made Moses mad and made him dash the tablets to pieces.

Dem Jews bite off the chunk of the Exodus drama smacking of wholesome Inclusivity; they dispose the hard-to-swallow chunk in the garbage. Why hard to swallow? Because that chunk imparts a bitter modern lesson. Who founded the BDS movement? Jews. Who puts their Jewishness at the service of BDS anti-Semites? BDS Jews. Who defends Ilan Omar the Congressional Jew-baiter? Bernie Sanders the rabble rousing Jew. Your Progressive rabbi has no taste for the real and present danger that comes out of the Exodus drama. Freedom and inclusivity resonate so nicely; why go further to where the lesson finally leads? Dem Jews feel so virtuous praying, “May we look beyond our own circle to see who is on the periphery, wanting admission, and let us welcome them in.” Why spoil it with reality?

Whomsoever the Lord wishes to destroy, He first makes mad. Speaking at the Hebrew Union College-Institute of Religion, Pulitzer Prize winner Michael Chabon told newly minted Reform rabbis, cantors, educators and other “professional Jews,” that since the last of “my children’s b’nai mitzvah, my retreat from religious practice has been near total. Judaism, like every other religion, is one giant interlocking system of division intended to enforce the division between, among other things, Jews and non-Jews.”

Here’s a profound fool showcased under lights. Judaism’s problem is not being inclusive – everyone and his dog have a right to be Jewish. Scratch Chabon the accomplished author and you find a clownish oaf beneath the skin.   

Barak Obama the self-adopted Jew demonstrated a streak of clever foolishness that made Dems swoon.  Back in the days of his Presidency, Obama declared himself an honorary member of the ‘tribe. He was about to make the nuclear accords with Iran his lasting legacy, and he felt now was the time to give the Tribe a calming tablet. To The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg, Obama delivered a lesson for American Jewry. Don’t worry, said their honorary member, “There are deep strains of anti-Semitism in the (Iranian) regime, but they also are interested in maintaining power.” 

It left even Goldberg the Dem wide-eyed. “It’s my belief,” he told his hero, “that it is difficult to negotiate with parties that are captive to a conspiratorial anti-Semitic worldview; not because they hold offensive views, but because they hold ridiculous views. I don’t believe that the regime can be counted on to be entirely rational.”

Walter Russell Mead, would have nodded: “Quite sane leaders when it comes to Israel lose their minds. Nations and political establishments warped by this hatred tend to make one dumb decision after another...” 

It was the exact point Goldberg was getting at. He couldn’t believe that his revered leader did not get it. Debriefing Foreign Policy Journal, Goldberg bemoaned foolishness on this scale. “Obama doesn’t seem to fully understand that anti-Semites actually believe the dangerous and idiotic things they say.”

Had Goldberg not been a Dem he might have paid attention to one more of his President’s dangerous and idiotic things to say: 

“The fact that you are anti-Semitic, or racist, doesn’t preclude you from being interested in survival. It doesn’t preclude you from being rational about the need to keep your economy afloat; it doesn’t preclude you from making strategic decisions about how you stay in power; and so the fact that Iran’s supreme leader is anti-Semitic doesn’t mean that this overrides all of his other considerations.”

My God! Don’t you feel like screaming, ‘And the Hitler regime?’ Did no one teach you, Mr President, that the extermination of Jews was not a means to an end, but the end itself? Did you not know that the Final Solution was not a part of the war effort, it was fully equal to the war effort? Did you not know that resources needed for winning the war were diverted to the higher priority of putting Jews to death? Did you never read about the failure of Operation Barbarossa, a turning down point for Hitler because it diverted trains for the genocide project? Did no one tell you that Hitler condemned his own troops to the Russian winter in order that trains to death camps would continue to run and oven chimneys would continue to smoke?

It would be enough if Dems were just skin deep. But it doesn’t stop there. They are born liars and schemers and libellous and vitriol spewers when cornered – but that is another kettle of fish for another day.