Radical Islam is a weapon of mass destruction
Radical Islam is a weapon of mass destruction

In these moments it would take a lot of memory and moral courage to remember and recognize how much the Jewish people and Israel experienced the same kind of satanic aggression before the Christians in Sri Lanka, who just counted at least 250 victims. 

Like on the number 2 bus that Hamas blew up in Jerusalem on August 19, 2003. There were so many children among the dead, even newborns. From the tangle of bodies inside the bus, Zaka's men heard the cry of a child, who miraculously survived.

Or the Jewish boy Stefano Gay Taché who was murdered in front of Rome’s main synagogue in 1982 by Palestinian terrorists.  And thousands more.

There is no clash, but an aggression against civilization in which radical Islam is at war with everyone else: Jews, Christians, Yazidis, Druzes, Alawites, Kurds, Buddhists, atheists, Zoroastrians, Mandeans, Sabeans... And the list doesn’t stop here. 

Sri Lanka's attacks on Christians were not an attack, but an act of extermination. In the church of Negombo, a Christian community was practically wiped out. Shoes, glasses and keys lie in a corner, nobody came to claim them. Many of the bodies of the victims were so dismembered that the authorities have requested that they not be exposed for the funeral. All the houses are in mourning. It was not an attack, but an Islamist extermination.

Sunni radical Islam is a weapon of mass destruction: Paris (130 dead), a Sufi mosque in Sinai (310 dead), the Shiite district of Karada in Baghdad (340 dead), the churches in Sri Lanka (356 dead), 1,136 dead only by counting the four major ISIS attacks. Westerners, “heretical” Muslims, Christians: it is a genocide committed by robots of death but with precise religious and state instigators: imams, political regimes, opportunist collaborators, financers. 

Salafism should be banned. The rest is just empty talk, just counting the time till the next carnage.