Educating Jews and Christians to the new reality
Educating Jews and Christians to the new reality

We Jews have experienced enough hatred. We've been demeaned, ostracized in Ghettos, forced to migrate from one land to another and experienced wholesale humiliation and slaughter throughout our existence. And it's still going on. Look at the attack on the Aitz Chaim shul in Pittsburgh and Israel's day to day battle for existence.

So that's why we've got to stand by the worldwide Christian community who are now experiencing the same.

This Easter Sunday's slaughter of over 300 Catholics worshipping in churches throughout Sri Lanka by Muslims, the 120 Christian Nigerians killed by Muslims, the terror strikes launched against Christians across  Africa, the torching of Notre Dame, the disappearance of Christian Europe, and the close extinction of Christianity throughout the Middle East perpetrated by Muslims should send a warning signal to all that the old Muslim adage, "First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people," is the calling card of the present and sadly, the future.

We've got to stick together for survival.

There are over one billion Christians and a little over fourteen million Jews occupying this world. No comparison. We are a tiny minority but look at our accomplishments in society. We are the modern day Davids. Small in number but strong. We have clout. And we are proud that Israel, the only Jewish state in the world, sitting right dab smack among hostile Muslim nations, is the only safe harbor for Christians in that area.

To those who know the score and are brave enough to state it, the common enemy of Jews and Christians are.....Muslims.
We've got to stand united, together against annihilation. Forget about those who claim Islam is a religion of peace. To those who know the score and are brave enough to state it, the common enemy of Jews and Christians are.....Muslims. To state the truth is not easy when the threat of  being labled an Islamophobe, thusly tagged as a bigot is the current "social justice" retaliation to putting one's cards on the table.

We here in the  U.S. face the same fate. Read Martin Gerstenfeld's piece, "North American Imams Calling to Murder Jews" in Israel National News, 12/28/2018.

Domestic terrorists are listening but branched out, including in their death wishes, ordinary Americans. Recall, San Bernardino, Ft. Hood, Ft. Lauderdale Airport, Orlando's Pulse nightclub, 9/11 and on and on.

The sudden prominence of newly elected radical Muslim Congresswomen Rahsida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and their dangerous toady, AOC boldly speak out against Jews with the shrug-of-shoulders-support of the Democrat Party.

Christians are starting to feel the heat as well. Look at the grilling Supreme Court nominee and Knights of Columbus member, Brett Kavanaugh received at the hands of anti-Catholic Senator and presidential candidate, Kamala Harris (D-CA). Throw in the sad tale of the Christian school boys  from Covington, KY. when they were castigated by the MSM for boldly standing up to bullying.  Add in the vile attack on Cick-fil-a restaurants when they stood tall for their Christian beliefs regarding abortion.

A religion's downfall starts with the dismantling and weakening of its basic beliefs and ends with outright terror to destroy its survivors. Look again at Sri Lanka, Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

Do you like what you see? If not, let all of us, Christians and Jews begin the educating of our people to reality....and it better be soon.