The Trump Plan is in the back of Israeli voters' minds today
The Trump Plan is in the back of Israeli voters' minds today

Lurking in back of the minds of many Israeli voters  is the Trump Plan, which will unfold when the polls close.

While details are lacking, it is crucial that the Trump Plan not leave PLO "education" in place, a curriculum which indoctrinates the next generation of Arab children to dedicate their lives to making war against the Jews.

Just examine their new school books and visit their classrooms, which we have done.

Trump's “Deal of the Century" must mandate that the  terrorist group, the Palestine Liberation Organization, also known as the PLO,  will be replaced and that  lethal  PLO policies will not persist through its subsidiary, the Palestinian Authority, also known as the PA.

What are those lethal PLO policies?

PLO policies mandate that five million descendants of Arab refugees from the 1948 war continue to dwell in the indignity of 59 “temporary” UNRWA refugee camps, under the PLO notion of the “right of return by force of arms” to Arab villages lost in 1948, taught to every Arab school child as their prime value in life.

We are not talking about areas acquired by Israel after 1967, but rather the areas acquired by Israel after the defensive 1948 war, legally replaced by Israeli towns, collective farms and woodlands.

PA schools instruct all Arab children to liberate all lands settled by the "Zionist usurper"  in 1948.

There is no indication that the Trump plan will introduce any kind of peace education to replace the war indoctrination in all PA schools, which espouse the “right of return by force of arms” in all PA and UNRWA educational institutions, from their kindergartens through their Universities.

There is no indication that the Trump plan will demand a repeal of new PA legislation, which provides an automatic gratuity for anyone who murders a Jew, and to the family of anyone who kills a Jew.

The Trump Plan instead must not repeat the mistake of the 26 -year long Middle East peace process, which paid no attention to the necessity of legislation and education for peace with the Palestinian Authority and the PLO, whose unchanged charter dictates a full scale war with Israel, albeit in steps. PLO does not plan a two state solution, but rather a two stage solution, from diplomacy to war.

What do we know about the Trump Plan?  Senior White House Middle East Policy Adviser, Trump Son-in-Law Jared Kushner, told Sky News in March that the Trump Plan envisions a "united Palestinian leadership" and "broad economic impact" for the Palestinian  Authority, which will also benefit Jewish businesses.

In other words. the Trump plan entices the economic elite of both peoples.

Yet the firm response to the notion that   “economics is the answer” is that Israel was not founded as a “nation of profits.”  

On the day that Israel goes to the polls, we remember our purpose.

Israel was pioneered as the homeland of the Jewish people.  PLO and UNRWA  stand in the way.   

There can be no substitute for  dissolving the PLO terrorist organization and a reform  of UNRWA policy as the prerequisites for the Trump Plan to succeed.