When criticizing Israel is anti-Semitism
When criticizing Israel is anti-Semitism
As of late, there has been a raucous discussion in the media and in Congress on whether criticism of Israel should be considered anti-Semitism.

Somali-American, Ilhan Omar, the newly elected representative to Congress has been the most vocal anti-Semite who adopted classical anti-Semitic sentiments in her ceaseless criticism and demonization of Israel. She has done that under the guise of the first amendment to the constitution, i.e., under “Free Speech”,

And she justified it further by claiming that Jews supporting Israel are exhibiting disloyalty to the US since they pledge an allegiance to a foreign country.

Had it been limited to just Omar and a couple of other petty-minded, insignificant individuals, we would have accepted this grand spectacle of Jew-hatred as a non-event, but the worrisome sequel of that episode is the danger to Israel’s existence it has unveiled. All present Democratic candidates to the 2020 presidential elections in the US have stated support for Omar’s right to Free Speech (Even though this form of free speech has been clearly smelled and felt like classical anti-Semitism). These candidates excused Omar by explaining away her wrong choice of words—she should be more careful next time, they contended.

If one of these candidates is ever elected to the highest office in the free world it would wreak catastrophic consequences on the Jewish State. This looming jeopardy could potentially become the greatest existential threat Israel has ever faced.

The growing clout and influence of the Far-Left movement within the Democratic Party in the US, the great influence and exposure of Alexandria Octazio-Cortez (AOC), Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Bernie Sanders and others, has only served to underscore that danger.

What’s more, voices and influence of BDS and the many anti-Israel and anti-Semitic movements on campuses, supporters of these anti-Semites all over the US have been rising, and the anti-Trump crusade has been getting louder and louder as the Democratic Party’s shift to the far-left has been gaining persistent momentum.

But the two arguments, the ones that argued by those in the far-left herd—

1)      "Criticism of Israel should not be considered a form of anti-Semitism”

2)      “Jews who support Israel do pledge an allegiance to a foreign country”, and therefore the direct implication is that Jews who support Israel are traitors, double agents, turncoats, spies, etc. This is clearly another form of Jew-demonization, or what anti-Semitism is all about.

Let’s take each one of the above and refute it by applying facts and logic.

1)      When criticism of Israel concerning "lack of human rights for Palestinian Arabs," coined by supporters of those who are the chief violators of human rights, it is a form of hypocrisy on steroids. It can only be rationalized by pointing to an irrational hate that drives this bearing, or in other words—anti-Semitism.

Criticism of Israel that is based on lies, hateful and false propaganda without resorting to fact-checking, is a form of irrational hate for the Jewish State. Relying on hateful and false propaganda is nourishing when it seems to validate this Jew-hatred frame of mind.   

Those who justify criticism of Israel by resorting to arguments like “Occupation, Blockade (of Gaza),” “support Israel’s right to exist can only be granted if Israel supports the Palestinians right to exist”— These arguments are entrenched in ignorance. So-called "Occupation" is a necessary evil designed to secure peace inside Israel. Israeli citizens living in Israel would not be able to live in peace if the Israeli military and security forces abandoned the "West Bank".

Fact—There is no occupation of Gaza. There is, however, control over material goods entering the Gaza Strip.
If Palestinians want to be in total charge of their areas (at present, they have independent rule in what are called Areas A and B)  they must prove their intent to be peaceful neighbors, something they refuse to admit to. And recent history past the Oslo Accord and the Israeli withdrawal from the "West bank", proved to be fatal to Israel. The Israeli military had to come back and control the territory. It was the only way peaceful existence and security for Israelis could materialize.

Fact—There is no occupation of Gaza. There is, however, control over material goods entering the Gaza Strip. The control imposed on imported material is designed to stop smuggling of arms and other military ware designed to harm the Jewish State. If these Hamas skippers wanted to have their own seaport or airport bypassing Israeli control, they should have abandoned their rocket launchers and false dreams of wiping Israel off the map before talking about blockade removal.

What’s more, Gaza has a border with Egypt. The so-called blockade is implemented by the Egyptians as well, but Israel is the only one criticized for it. Singling out Israel for reasons that the Palestinian Arabs are responsible for and ignoring the part played by Egypt is a form of anti-Semitism.

2)      Claim of allegiance to a foreign government by those inspired by their hate of Israel and love of Israel’s enemies exposes these same people to a counter claim of allegiance to Israel’s enemies. These claims are clearly anti-Semitic as I explained above.

Anti-Semitism is a cancer that has started metastasizing inside the US. It has started with the far-left, and it has conquered hubs inside the Democratic Party and within Congress. The Democratic party has been moving bit by bit farther to the left and closer to Israel’s enemies. The party has failed to condemn anti-Semitism. It failed to condemn anti-Semites within its own ranks, and it has gone belly up my support.

Shame on them.