The Bibi Files: Fresh lipstick on old attempts at  indictments
The Bibi Files: Fresh lipstick on old attempts at indictments

Indicting Netanyahu with fresh lipstick.

Is this really the end…or is it simply spoon-feeding hungry Leftists with “indictment” delicacies? This is nourishment to those who salivate for his head on a platter.

You saw. You heard. There was a moment last Thursday when the world stood still – well, the media for sure. Regular programming in Israel and throughout the known world was suspended for the breaking news: Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel, was caught red-handed and being driven from office. He is finished, gone, kaput.

Well, almost. Not quite. But quite enough to scare up a doomsday scenario against the man who’d been the Jewish State’s elected leader for the past 10 years.

He is not perfect. Who is? But he is a Jewish leader who faces a Jew-hating world every single day.

He was being indicted for corruption; charges being brought by the nation’s attorney general, Avichai Mandelblit, related to this and that, so if you will excuse me, I am letting the lawyers explain. What do I know…and I get bored too easily. But Leftists – they never get bored. I could be talking about the Left in the United States versus Trump and I could be talking about the Left in Israel versus Netanyahu.

It’s all the same. Same people. Tireless people. Show them a Right-of-Center duly elected leader, and they will show you an impeachment here, an indictment there.   

If Netanyahu did anything really wrong, the two lawyers linked above do not think so. Nothing there, they say.

Nothing that justifies an indictment, an indictment that could lead to years locked up without cigars.

Scary business.

Wait a minute. On first reading the accounts about Thursday’s indictment, I was taken in just like everybody else. I am no lawyer.

Whatever the attorney general alleged, sounded good. So good that Benny Gantz already called for Netanyahu to resign.

So good that the Hebrew press could not help from kvelling. (Shades of our media via Trump.)

The Atlantic magazine rejoiced for them all running a headline like this – “The end is nigh for Netanyahu.”

Nigh yourself. For on second reading I had my epiphany, as in…have we not seen these stories before?

I did not check Google yet, but from memory I recalled “Indictments” against Netanyahu being announced, feverishly, going back weeks.

In fact, it’s a media-approved event that takes place every few months, going back years…and readily headlined to assert that the bogeyman man has finally come to take him away.

Then I Googled, and I was right. It goes back, way back.

Leftist politicians keep dreaming and if we can’t call it fake news, necessarily, we can call it Wishful Thinking News…as to Trump as well.

They do it to shame the man and indeed, that same Thursday, Netanyahu was compelled to go before the cameras to defend himself... with April elections in mind.

Did Netanyahu himself read the paperwork?

There is no indictment. Not yet. Read carefully, it says there may be. There could be. The attorney general plans to, intends to and is prepared… to indict.

So why is last Thursday’s “indictment” different from all the other indictments? Or am I reading this wrong? This one is the Real McCoy? Let me know.

Until then, I figure this a pretext is to make life a nightmare if your name is Netanyahu or Trump.

The trick is to headline a man into submission through systematically-timed accusations. Our job is to see through the trickery.  

New York-based bestselling American novelist Jack Engelhard writes regularly for Arutz Sheva.

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