The Progressive Left's intolerance towards Christianity
The Progressive Left's intolerance towards Christianity

Jews have long suffered from the bigotry of the Democrat Party going way back to the WWII Roosevelt years when he coldly ignored the plight of millions of European Jews.

And then most of us voted overwhelmingly for Obama knowing full well from his close relationships to Rev. Wright, William Ayers, professors Rashid Khalidi and Edward Said, just how he would (and did) deal with Israel. We paid dearly for his hostility toward us.

It's now time for American Christians to wake up to the creeping hatred against them that is quickly taking form led by the Progressive Left. It sprouted and was incubated during (here we go again!) the Obama presidency and is now a driving force within the Democrat Party.

Remember the Little Sisters of the Poor who were forced to go to court to fight the ObamaCare stipulation that all employers had to provide their employees with birth control what-evers, the case of the Christian baker sued for refusing to bake a same-sex wedding cake? And how about President Obama's being granted an honorary Doctorate of Laws degree from Notre Dame University and his speech at Georgetown U, where both schools were ordered by Obama to cover up their religious symbols? Not so at his talks at mosques.

This war against Christianity started in his early years at the White House, but was anyone listening? A small segment of the Jewish community, the surviving politically conservative ones, together with like minded Christians saw this movement developing but were smothered by the mainstream media's and our own peoples' obeisance to the Liberal Left. 

At his Supreme Court confirmation hearings, now Justice Brett Kavanaugh's Catholic High School, Georgetown Prep, was dragged through the mud by his Democrat inquisitors and the Washington Post had one of its columnists chime in on 7/10/18 with, " Judge Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump's choice for the Supreme Court, has defended the use of taxpayer money for religious schools and backed prayers at high school football games, siding with religious interests in the debate over government entanglement with religion." High treason, for sure.

There are a slew of the Progressive Left's attacks and intolerance towards Christianity and specifically Catholicism:

  • The Radical Left recently blitzed the peaceful, law abiding Covington (Catholic) High School students as bigots because they attended a "Pro-Life" rally in D.C.,
  • Sen. Feinstein, in a confirmation hearing told Amy Coney Barrett, now of the Seventh Circuit, "The dogma lives loudly within you and that's a concern."
  • And last November, Feinstein asked Third Court nominee, Paul Matey: "If confirmed, will you recuse yourself from all cases in which the Knights of Columbus have taken a position?"

And in December, Sen. Kamal Harris and Sen. Mazie Hirono sniped at a District Court nominee for his religious affiliation and membership in the Knights of Columbus.

Religion, at least the wrong one in the eyes of our elected Progressives, seems to overshadow competence, background and the rule of law.

The message to Christians is to wake up and listen to and speak up against the voices of the Extreme Left. They are targeting you for your beliefs. The clock is ticking.

We Jews have been through this before. And still are. Learn from our mistakes. Our silence has been costly.