Shame on you Chuck...and Nancy
Shame on you Chuck...and Nancy

President Trump ought to try a new approach, which is to start by saying that there is no crisis at the border, then add by saying he wants no wall.

Then watch them howl – “What do you mean? We want that wall!”

So it goes with the Democrats. Whatever he says, they say the opposite, so deep runs their grudge against our President…and the 63 million of us who voted for him.

Yes, they hate us, too, as part of a temper tantrum that just won’t quit. We took Hillary away from them, and Obama, and Bernie – and they will not forgive.

There is a border crisis, bad enough, but even worse is the hate crisis that has consumed, sickened and poisoned the Democratic Party, and that is even worse.
Trump is right. There is a border crisis, bad enough, but even worse is the hate crisis that has consumed, sickened and poisoned the Democratic Party, and that is even worse.

Worse because they are already IN the country. That, plus hating Trump is the only agenda that motivates them. Resisting Trump is all they’ve got…and they’ve always got The New York Times to lead them further into their addiction. The paper’s top headline of this day announces yet another investigation into Trump and Russia…Russia...Russia. In other words, we are back to square one.  

That’s the fix we’re in…when the largest political party, numerically, operates solely upon resentment with nothing else to offer besides bitterness, vendetta and vengeance.

Speaking of payback, if the Republicans had any guts, they’d start by scrutinizing every Democratic contender for president, now Elizabeth Warren, and then the rest of them, one by one, with the same withering heat, diligence, zeal and nitpicking fury as the Dems did unto Trump from the moment he stepped off the escalator…and wasted no time with the cry to “impeach!”

Should this not work both ways?

Imagine the hysteria if Trump had announced he’s moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, today, under a split Congress, and a House infiltrated by young and restless anti-Semites. They sit at the kiddie table…Dem Reps Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez… but they run the show, run the country and run the world.

If that is an exaggeration, it is not farfetched to say that the grownups, at least in age, like Nancy Pelosi, are terrified of them, as they, these children, to her reckoning, represent the future, by all means the future of the Democratic Party. This means a Socialist Party and an Islamic Paradise.

Suddenly, that is Nancy’s Party, so when they go off on Trump, and then the Jews – mum’s the word. She is afraid.

So is Chuck. Shame on him.

So, the gridlock. For optics and body language, nothing tells it better than the meeting they had back in early December – Chuck, Nancy and the President.

The topic? The wall – which of course they will not fund. They must give Trump no wins. Just one and the kiddies will go bananas. Giving him blanks is like giving them sugar and candy.

All it took was one midterm election, and the House of Representatives is now their thumb-sucking Safe Space.

So, in the White House, Trump sits and makes his case resolutely, as Chuck and Nancy sit on either side of him showing him nothing but defiance, disdain and disrespect.

Through their body language they are saying – “we do not acknowledge you as our President.” No eye contact.

Once in a while, Chuck accidently moves his head in Trump’s direction, but with a stiff neck.

Nancy? Never. Never a glance in Trump’s direction, saying, therefore, “I am contemptuous, hateful and contemptuous of you forever and ever.”

She is a Democrat, after all, loyal first to her Party. The country? Oh them, the deplorables!  

Her eyes and her words are focused entirely on the reporters in the room; her people, her pals, her sycophants.

Good Democrats, the full media apparatus. They know the code. They knew it first. First rule – pretend he is not the President. Second – don’t do anything that might “humanize” him. Jimmy Fallon, that time back, made that mistake, playfully mussing Trump’s hair over at his NBC Late Show – but early enough for millions of Progressives to catch the horror of it all and now go screaming for Fallon’s impeachment.


He’s had to apologize for that lapse in judgment…when for a moment it was the only time in years when a Democrat accidentally displayed a touch of sanity.

New York-based bestselling American novelist Jack Engelhard writes regularly for Arutz Sheva.

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