Descent to Hell: Identity Politics as the gate to Islamic theocracy
Descent to Hell: Identity Politics as the gate to Islamic theocracy

In the fall of 2015, a rather curious incident took place in the Knesset. A leader of the Arab party (Balad), Jamal Zahalka furiously attacked the Left. “You won’t even greet me. You are racist! …  The far right is amicable at least: they say hello and smile at you. Everyone in the Labor party is a racist. You’ve invented racism!” 

The Left has conveniently forgotten the incident, but they knew exactly what Zahalka meant. Genuine ideological racism transformed long ago and concurrently into the left's worldview and prerogative.  

Democratic ideals, social justice and tolerance don’t rule the world anymore. The new ideology – a successor of failed totalitarian ideologies of the past century - governs the soul of the West, and it’s called Identity Politics.

The product of a vicious love of Red and Brown dogmas, it is pseudo-scientific and it divides people into racial-class categories with a rigid hierarchy.

  • The white Christians and Jews - exploiters a priori, the embodiment of financial manipulation and conspiracy – are at the lower level of the social pyramid.
  • Above them, the second level of this hierarchy is occupied by people with various pathologies (homosexuals, transgenders, disabled) and women, who by default belong to the oppressed class. They resemble gigantic peasant masses in the writings of Marxists: deprived, but hardly aware of their own unhappiness due to the absence of “Class Consciousness”.
  • “Proletarian masses” represented by the Third World (from Venezuela to Bangladesh) and suppressed by White imperialism, are positioned above them in the third level.
  • The top of the social pyramid is occupied by the vanguard of the “global progressive forces” (like the Communist party or National Socialist German Workers' party) – embodied by Black American organizations, Palestinians and various Islamist groups.

A human being, as a thinker who is responsible for his own destiny and the fate of others, has no place in this scheme. Instead, there are faceless groups of “beneficial insects” and “harmful insects” (a precise copy of Marxist theory). The former deserve all the support, the latter should be expelled and persecuted in every possible way.

Like sheep, a man is born with a stigma which determines his fate. A Black transgender Muslim will a priori have a more privileged position than a White man, regardless of intelligence and moral qualities. Like in Bolshevist Russia the weaver was a priori better than a former nobleman, and in Nazi Germany the Aryan criminal was above the “subhuman” - Jew or Slav. 

It is assumed that each group of “insects” must sacrifice itself in the name of universal progress. White heterosexual men should make space for socially oppressed groups: women and the LGBT community, who, in turn, ought to sacrifice themselves in the name of the “World Proletariat”, whereas the “Proletarian Masses” must put themselves on the altar for the benefit of the Labor aristocracy and “Progressive Vanguard”.

Linda Sarsour’s message about the “brave Black Muslim American woman” (Ilhan Omar) – a victim of “people with “dual loyalty” - has a hypnotic effect on the progressive public, and she is well aware of it. In the reflection of Houston Chamberlain's racial theory - "people with dual loyalty" ("termites" in Farrakhan's definition) don’t stand a chance...

The following examples will demonstrate how this ideology elucidates countless modern paradoxes of ‘liberal democracy” 
-   The 'Dead White European Males (DWEM)' term in American campuses; 

-   The PinkNews’ headline that “US Muslims are more accepting of homosexuality than White evangelicals” ;

-   Bullying all who disagree with the superiority of marginal groups over heterosexuals (after he dared to support heterosexual families a cofounder of Mozilla, Brendan Eich, had to step down);

-  Physical destruction of “un-politically correct” books, including children’s literature. In 2007, for instance, the municipal library of Botkyrka (a suburb of Stockholm) burned the entire edition of “Pipi in the South Seas”, written by Astrid Lindgren in 1948, because of “racist” expressions;  

-  Total onslaught on the origins of Western civilization and its history as these examples show: 

  • A publication like “Mummies, Cannibals and Vampires” by Richard Sugg claims that 18th century British nobility practiced cannibalism;
  • Ralph Ellis’ research tries to prove that King Solomon was a Egyptian Pharaoh (“Solomon, Pharaoh of Egypt”) and Jesus was the fourth king of Manu, ruler of Edessa in Mesopotamia (“Jesus, King of Edessa”). 
  • Or a “discovery” by Annika Larsson from Uppsala University, that the word 'Allah' was embroidered on Vikings’ funeral clothes (compared to all this the Soviet agitprop is a child's game).
  •  Alan Ereira and Terry Jones’ (in “Barbarians against Rome”) claim that the Romans were bloodthirsty and evil savages whereas the ancient Germans and Celts were peaceful, highly civilized communities. 
  • Prince Charles stated that gangs of pirates were ‘fantastic’ for aquatic life because the fishermen were too scared to fish in coastal Somalia waters. 
  • In “Battlefield-1” - a Swedish computer game based on WWI motives - British, American and even German soldiers appear as black.
  • USA Today columnist Brian Truitt has criticized a lack of diversity in “Dunkirk” - a movie about the British Expeditionary Force in WW.II.

Could it be that Bernard Montgomery, Dwight D. Eisenhower and George S. Patton were black transgender lesbians? Why not?

Only by understanding the nature of modern synthesis of Marxist and Racial ideologies one can explain the unexplainable: 

-The self-forgetful vilification of Israel and complete disregard of the scourge of the Palestinians in the refugee camps in Syria and Lebanon.

-Total indifference to the fate of Ukrainians in war zones and moving concern for migrants from peaceful areas of Africa and Asia.

-The willingness to accept ISIS militants and the apathy to the fate of their victims: Christians and Yezidis.

-Compassion for Islamists in Guantanamo and mobsters from “Black Life Matters”, while being cynically inactive during the genocides in Sudan and Rwanda.

-The accusation of the “White man” for all mortal sins and the refusal to recognize poorly disguised slavery in the Muslim world.

-The denial of Islamic terror side by side with the hysterics about marginal “White Terror”.

-Feminists’ violent attacks on Sir Tim Hunt, the Nobel prizewinner, because of his joke about girls in science labs while the same feminists defended rapists from Afghanistan, Somalia and Morocco.

-Drexel University (Philadelphia) associate professor of politics and global studies George Ciccariello-Maher’s wishes of “White Genocide for Christmas” and expressions of delight for 9/11 terror attacks by famous intellectuals.

-Adoration for all kinds of dictators of the Third World on the one hand and contempt for the white descendants of the Boers, hunted by the South Africa’s regime on the other.

-The adamant reluctance to release the names of Muslim gang rapists and a comparison of Viktor Orban to Hitler.

-Claims on CNN that “Islam has always been a part of the American fabric” and “America has always had heroes who were Muslims”. The new heroes are Muhammad Ali, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (professional basketball player), left activist Malcolm X and leader of notorious Nation of Islam - Louis Farrakhan.

Surprised? Not at all. Farrakhan is the personification of a “progressive man of a new type”: he is a Black Islamist, a personal enemy of Jews and Whites. If you disagree, then you don’t fully understand theories of race and classes. 

Only by understanding the pyramid structure of modern totalitarian ideology, does the game of leapfrogging absurd 'facts' acquire its own clear logic.
-    Chasing Marine Le Pen for Twitter photos of ISIS’ atrocities and pogroms at the University of Berkeley in “Stormtroopers” style following Trump's victory. 
-    A request of a University of Iowa professor to describe 9/11 terrorist attacks from the perspective of Al-Qaeda and UK text book asking children to ask questions to terrorists.  
-    A  demand by students from a prestigious London University to eradicate Plato, Descartes and Immanuel Kant from the curriculum because they are white and replacing Shakespeare’s portrait with the portrait of Audre Lorde, “black, lesbian, mother, warrior, poet” in the University of Pennsylvania.
-    Havens for all but “STRAIGHT WHITE STUDENTS” on campuses and allegations (by FBI leaders as well) that “white nationalism” is a greater threat to the US than ISIS. 
-    A letter from the French Professor Christian de Moliner in November 2017 asking Macron to create a Muslim State within France                                                                                                                                - -  -   Ken Livingstone’s sympathy for Yusuf al-Qaradawi and Corbin’s empathy for Muslim Brotherhood, HAMAS and ‘Hizballah”. 

One will understand the Swedish feminists who wear burkas in Iran and the French court decision to remove the cross from the monument of Pope John Paul II.  Also training new migrants to be snipers in Sweden and efforts of British leftist groups to disrupt a demonstration against Muslim gangs of rapists. Also:

- Deportation of Iranian actress and ex-Muslim Aideen Strandsson who converted to Christianity from Sweden (the explanation was “It’s not our problem if you decided to become a Christian”; she got asylum in Hungary thanks to Orban) and the refusal of the British Home Office to give asylum to a 34-year-old Nigerian Nneka Obazee lesbian and her stepson.

-Social benefits to ISIS militants by Great Britain, Sweden and France and allowing Pakistani homophobic preacher Hamza Sodagar to enter Britain. He infamously claimed the following: “There are five punishments for homosexual men. First, probably the easiest one, is to behead them. The second, is to burn them to death. Third, to throw them off a cliff. Fourth, crash them to death with bricks. And finally, a combination of all of the above, is the fifth”. (Muslims are more accepting of homosexuality than White evangelicals, arent' they? But let’s remember: each class must consciously sacrifice itself for the sake of the more progressive ones). 

- Comparing Trump to ISIS (obviously not in Trump’s favor) by GQ columnist Julia Ioffe on CNN and words of Arizona Democrat Senate candidate Kyrsten Sinema that she doesn’t care if Americans enlist in the Taliban and fight for it in Afghanistan.

 - A German police commissioner blaming girls victims for being raped by migrants and a refusal of left-wing German activist, a  24-year-old  Selin Gören, to reveal names of rapists, out of fear of fueling racism against refugees. 

- Hosting and rewarding a young Palestinian terrorist by Real Madrid and blocking Facebook posts about retaliation for homosexuals by Islamists.

 -Mohamed Atta and Paris’ Bataclan jihad killer Ishmael Omar Mostfai as part of the exhibition in the “Martyr Museum” (along with Socrates and Martin Luther King) in Germany and celebration of the Ottoman conquest of the Hagia Sophia by the Florida Museum.

-The assertion of the University of California that ONLY WHITES CAN BE RACIST and Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams’ and Lord Chief Justice Phillips’ support of Sharia laws in England. 

-A call by Georgetown Prof. Jonathan Brown - an advocate of slavery in the Muslim world - that “Muslims in America should stand with Black Lives Matter” and dropping rape charges for migrant rapists-pedophiles.    

- “Muslim Brothers” as Obama’s and Macron’s entourage and a campaign of state-owned company Lernia to replace ‘standard Swedish language’ with a migrant-inclusive accent.

All of this can only be understandable if one knows the concept of Class Struggle and Scientific Racism theory. 

Nazism and Marxism of the 20th century slumped mankind into hell. In the 21st century, their offspring welcomed a new Golem - Islam. In my opinion, the followers of this new ideology are yearning for the triumph of a global Caliphate: consciously and subconsciously. Subconsciously - because they need a doctrine robust enough to keep their superficial and feeble souls from self-destruction in a complex and incomprehensible world. Consciously - because due to public relations and apologetic abilities only Islam, as a universal world system, will ensure their existence - albeit a miserable existence as a “capo”, but still an existence. Nobody needs them anymore. 

A Red-Brown mutant inevitably becomes green in our eyes. 

Author of “Agony of Hercules or a Farewell to Democracy (Notes of a Stranger)”, Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.