President Trump's Syrian withdrawal fallout
President Trump's Syrian withdrawal fallout

While many pundits have gone hysterical over President Trump’s Syrian pullout, President Trump really had no choice but to employ his own “Samson Option,” one in which he knocked over everyone’s toys and theories.

Firstly, President Trump isn’t “gifting” Putin a “Christmas present,” but rather is hanging a deadly Syrian Albatross on Putin’s neck.  Without American forces east of the Euphrates and American dollars helping Syrian reconstruction, Putin faces an Iranian victory in Syria, and a Russian loss.  In fact, Russian rapprochement with Israel is a direct result of American withdrawal.  Now, Russia has only Israel to help keep Iran’s gobbling up of Syria in check.  If Putin looks to Turkey to check Iran, the unacceptably high payment will be Turkish ownership of Northern Syria.  

Putin is now hopelessly up a Syrian creek without a paddle.

America can’t afford either the money or the blood to fight the Arab war of liberation against the Persian colonialist Iran. 
Secondly, President Trump told all the the Arabs in Iraq and Saudi Arabia: Either fight Iran yourselves and pay for the fight yourselves, or bow as slaves to your new Persian masters.  America can’t afford either the money or the blood to fight the Arab war of liberation against the Persian colonialist Iran.  The training wheels are off.  America will help at the edges, but the fight has to be an Arab fight against Iranian Persian hegemony.

Thirdly, President Trump’s message to the Pentagon is: You can spend hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars in a year fighting and dying in foreign wars, but you can’t afford to or are legally barred from physically defending the American border, or pay for a defensive wall to slow the migrant invasions?  Charity and defense begins at home.  If America’s home base isn’t secure, nothing is secure. 

To make matters worse, the Pentagon just “missed” an “accounting error” consisting of spending 331 million dollars paying for Saudi refueling over Yemen, but nobody at DOD can find a single penny to pay for the wall?  You’ve got to be kidding me.

Fourthly, President Trump’s message to the world is: America can’t afford to protect you any more.  President Trump, the businessman, is looking at the total American budget, the deficit and America’s debt, and concluded: A bankrupt “world policeman,” is a defeated America that can’t defend itself or anyone else.  America’s current military projection is financially unsustainable.  The world had better quickly budget for its defense, because America can’t continue to foot the bill.

Fifthly, President Trump’s message to Turkey is: You’ve told me ISIS is defeated, America’s allies are terrorists, and you were going to attack American forces in Syria; well, goodbye and good luck.  Trump didn’t believe a word Erdogan said, but Trump believed his intelligence that Turkey, an alleged NATO ally, was scheming with Russia behind America’s back on Syria. Now, Erdogan will now have to deal with the Kurds, Russia, ISIS, and Iran all by himself. Have fun.  Without America propping up the Kurds, Turkey might actually realize the truth that the Kurds are Turkey’s greatest natural ally against Iran and ISIS.

Sixthly, President Trump’s unintended message to Israel: If you give up an inch of the Judea and Samaria aka"West Bank" under my crazy “Deal of the Century,” you’re stupider than a rock.  Relying on a Trump “Peace” deal is like riding blindfolded on a Trump banana peel on an MBS/Saudi skate-board against traffic on a six-lane Iran super-highway. Syria isn’t just Iran’s pathway to Lebanon, but to any "West Bank" Palestinian Arab State.  Israel better solidify its hold of the "West Bank" quickly because the next American President (either sooner or later) will likely be an Israel-hating BDS-supporting democrat who will overtly call Israel an Apartheid State.

In short, President Trump was faced with a no-win situation, and decided to be a modern-day American Samson, and knock everybody down.