Understanding the roots of Tamika Mallory's obsessive Jew-Hatred
Understanding the roots of Tamika Mallory's obsessive Jew-Hatred

My introduction to Tamika Mallory, the other half of the Jew-hating duo who most prominently co-head the “Women’s March,” came when she rabidly attacked the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) for supposedly being racist against “Black and Brown people.”  That lie projected this Jew-hater of the Left overnight among the nation’s foremost bigots.

Ironically, within the American Jewish community a fierce debate has been raging over the ADL’s abandonment of its historic mission, dating back to the 1915 Leo Frank lynching, to counter all forms of bigotry, with a particular focus on anti-Semitism. In recent years, since ADL hired an Obama White House insider to run the organization, the group has become associated increasingly with the Democrat Left and has focused inordinately on attacking President Trump and his Administration.

Nevertheless, despite her own Left ideology that she unwittingly shares with the ADL, Tamika Mallory, like obsessive anti-Semites of all ages along the spectrum ranging from Stalin’s Communism to Hitler’s Nazism, has no place for Jews. To understand how the co-head of the Women’s March could have risen to such a role despite her intensive bigotry against Jews and her secondary animus against White women in general, all alongside another such bigot and hater, it is valuable to regard Mallory’s lifelong tutelage under her two defining but hate-filled inspirations: Al Sharpton of the 1990s and Louis Farrakhan.

1.  Tamika Mallory’s Defining Anti-Jewish Salvo: Attacking the Liberal-Left ADL in Order to Remove a Normative Jewish Presence from America’s Anti-Bias Community
It was startling when, utterly unprovoked, the Jew-hating Mallory maliciously targeted the ADL as racist.
It was startling when, utterly unprovoked, the Jew-hating Mallory maliciously targeted the ADL as racist.  Her attack came when ADL engaged with Starbucks, alongside the NAACP and others, after a barista in Philadelphia refused two African American men the right to use a Starbucks lavatory when they would not order a product. The Starbucks corporation, frenziedly doing damage control in the face of its national public relations scandal, announced they would close all their 8,000 stores for a day to “educate” and sensitize their employees in racial tolerance — essentially to imbue them with political correctness. 

ADL was among the several civil-rights agencies chosen to participate in the nationwide Political Correctness event.  In this regard, ADL has earned legitimate street credit, pre-dating when they were taken over by the Obama acolytes, in producing useful materials towards fostering human understanding. They were a natural fit among the “sensitivity-training” vendors for Starbucks.

But they are identifiably Jewish, and Tamika Mallory would not have Jews interloping.  Remarkably, she even blasted the Starbucks corporation for including ADL,saying: “Starbucks was on a decent track until they enlisted the Anti-Defamation League to build their anti-bias training. The ADL is CONSTANTLY attacking Black and Brown people. This is a sign that they [Starbucks] are tone deaf and not committed to addressing the concerns of black folks.”  Therefore, infuriated that Starbucks had included the Jewish agency, Mallory even called to boycottStarbucks: “#Starbucks is NOT serious about doing right by BLACK people. #boycottstarbucks.”

As this malignantly malevolent malcontent heaved on the nation’s most prominent Jewish group in civil rights programming, a veritable digital avalanche descended on Mallory’’s Twitter page, observing that her words evoked the worst imaginable racism and bigotry. 

2.  Mallory’s Shaping Influence as “My Leader”: Al Sharpton During His Pogrom-Inciting Days
Mallory’s malicious malevolence matters because side-by-side with Linda Sarsour, her scrofulous soul sister in Jew-hate, she co-heads the so-called “Women’s March” that is slated for mid-January. The only woman missing from this inner circle seems to be the late Leni Riefenstahl, who made documentary propaganda films for Hitler like “Triumph of the Will” extolling Nazism. Call this one “Triumph of the Shrill.” 

To understand the roots of Tamika Mallory’s obsessive Jew-hatred, it is helpful to remember that her parents were founding members of Al Sharpton’s National Action Network (NAN) and that she became active in NAN at age 11, only three years after Sharpton made a name for himself with his Tawana Brawley debacle.  By 1991, when Al Sharpton was helping incite Jew hatred and a pogrom in the streets of Crown Heights, Brooklyn, the young Mallory was under Sharpton’s tutelage at NAN. Four years later, Sharpton helped incite further race riots against Jews, resulting in street deaths during the Freddy’s Fashion Mart Massacre

In a recording, Sharpton was taped as saying: “I want to make it clear to the radio and audience and to you here that we will not stand by and allow them [Jews like store owner Freddy Harari] to move this brother so that some white interloper can expand his business on 125th St. [in Harlem].” In other words, where African Americans stand, Jews must clear out.

By now, teen-aged Tamika Mallory was in her fourth year working for Sharpton at NAN, en route to rising as NAN executive director at age 28. Acording to the Amsterdam News, “Rev. Al Sharpton groomed, shaped and taught her about the importance of commitment and mentored her . . . .”  In her own words only five years ago, she emphasized her mentor’s role in defining her: “I owe a lot to NAN for giving me the opportunity to develop as a leader and professional. Rev. Sharpton saw something in me I didn’t see in myself. He allowed me to lead, and I will be supportive of him. He is my leader.”
3.  Cyclical Changes in American Anti-Semitism: A Half Century of Shifting Bigotries, Shifting Friendships, Shifting Alliances as Jew-Hatred Moves Left
There was a time when anti-Semitism in America was ensconced on the right side of the spectrum.  As late as the 1950s, the white-shoe elites entered into “Gentleman’s Agreements” to keep Jews out of their country clubs, their law firms, their hospitals, corporations, and universities.  Entry quotas kept Jews out of the Ivy League,severely limiting admission as students or employment as faculty or administrators. Nicholas Murray Butler, president of Columbia University, my alma mater, initially was sanguine in the 1930s with aspects of Nazi Germany, though he eventually changed positions as Germany went to war against America.

Jews could not get hired for serious positions at major banks or as executives in major corporations, could not get hired as law associates in major law firms unless the rare Jewish Harvard or Yale Law School graduate would agree to work at the firm exclusively in bankruptcy law, a legal-practice field that major firms deemed necessary to offer their corporate clients but beneath contempt for anyone but a Jew to practice. Hospitals admitted Jewish patients but denied practice privileges to Jewish doctors.

It was a time when anti-Semitism was genteel but rife on the right, a discrimination from a completely different era that nevertheless reverberates today among Jews who have not discerned the political sea change of half a century, with the Left and Right having switched sides. At the same time, Jews then also encountered other challenges from newly arriving White European ethnics. For example, the golden-voiced singer and former “Daniel Boone” TV star Ed Ames remembers how his brothers and he would get beaten up as Jews whenever walking through Boston’s Irish neighborhoods.

What a difference half a century makes!  Today there are remarkably close alliances and warm affinities between and among Orthodox Jews and evangelical Christians.  Reflecting Israel’s and Poland’s close ties on the world stage 75 years after WWII, former tensions are long forgotten among Jewish Americans relating in deep friendship today with Polish-Americans, Irish-Americans, Greek-Americans, and German-Americans. Laura Ingraham, of Polish descent and now a devout Catholic, is a favorite in the Orthodox Jewish community and a powerful voice against anti-Semitism.

Despite its more recent transition towards cultural pluralism and the Left’s obsession with inter-sectionality, America became a melting pot where Old World issues ultimately got left behind in the Old World.  No American Jew today would hesitate to embrace someone of European Spanish or Portuguese heritage because of the Inquisitions of the late 15th Century, nor recoil from British people because of the 1290s expulsions nor from Greek-Americans because of Antiochus Epiphanes during Maccabean times.

Likewise, the events of Europe’s past century do not define American Jewish relationships with neighbors and friends today. Israel enjoys tight relations with the governments of Poland and the Ukraine. Former animosities now are deep friendships, as groups have found new shared values while embarking on great new social and cultural struggles of today.

Thus the historical cycle has spun macrocosmically for all of America. Who would have believed that, in less than a century, we Americans today would value so deeply our national friendships and alliances with Japan, Germany, and Italy? That the Chinese immigrants whom California in particular persecuted 150 years ago and whose formal exclusion from America was not repealed until 1943, and the Japanese immigrants whom California in particular interned 75 years ago and whose internment was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court in Korematsu v. United States, 323 U.S. 214 (1944), today would be essential and valued members of our society, including prominent members of our Congress and judiciaries?  Indeed, who would have believed during the half century between 1765 and 1815 that America’s closest friend in the world, along with Australia, through two World Wars and beyond would be England? Politics is cyclical, alliances change, and deadly enmities later become life-sustaining friendships. 
But sometimes the shift goes the other way, and former friends turn to haters.
4.  African Americans and Jews: from the NAACP and the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to Sharpton and Farrakhan
A century ago American Jews perceived a natural alignment with African Americans.  More than 90 percent of American Jews trace their arrival here to the mass Eastern European immigration from 1881-1914. Jews had known discrimination and irrational hate for millennia, and in America they encountered a demographic group that remarkably was barred from common water fountains, rest rooms, lunch counters, motels, even from military service at first. It just was plain wrong.

If Jews, whose cultural identity irrevocably is rooted atavistically in Biblical Egyptian slavery, felt that others should ally against irrational hate when directed at them, was it not imperative for them to stand for basic human rights and dignity for the modern victims of slavery and its aftermath? It was a natural alliance from the Jewish perspective, and that is why Jews engaged civil rights activity from the 1909 inception of the NAACP

Farrakhan hates Jews that much — that he admires and bestows encomia on the Nazi Aryan racialist who regularly demeaned Blacks as sub-human.
As late as the end of the 1960s, half a century later, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King was deeply admired across the American Jewish spectrum, even as he advanced the cause of civil rights by consolidating the reins of leadership within his own community.  Other great American Black leaders also emerged in the post-WWII era like A. Philip Randolph, Bayard Rustin, Roy Abernathy and Whitney Young.  And the Rev. Dr. King reciprocally stood with Jews, too.  His was a powerful voice standing with Israel in her struggle for survival and on behalf of Soviet Jews seeking to extricate from the Communist purgatory.

The Black-Jewish relationship between the two communities’ instititutional elites underwent a seismic change after Dr. King’s murder and with the passing of that generation of monumental civil rights giants. “And there arose a new King . . . who did not know Joseph.”  Ex. 1:8.  The new generation of African American organizational leadership included people with decidedly anti-Jewish bents:  

Jesse Jackson (“Hymietown”) proved to be an anti-Semite. Al Sharpton helped incite anti-Jewish pogroms (Crown Heights; the “Freddy’s” massacre in Harlem). And along came Louis Farrakhan. Farrakhan is as intensely associated with Jew-hatred as is Hitler. While Farrakhan has equated Jews with both Satan and termites, he has elevated Hitler as a “very great man.”

Farrakhan hates Jews that much — that he admires and bestows encomia on the Nazi Aryan racialist who regularly demeaned Blacks as sub-human. In Mein Kampf, Hitler wrote that Black people are “half-ape[s]” by birth. Yet, because he pathologically hates Jews, Farrakhan still idealizes Hitler’s “very great” essence. The ADL has exposed and documented Farrakhan’s life of hates and prejudices, and that casts illumination on Mallory’s malicious malevolence. 

Tamika Mallory is a self-professed disciple not only of Sharpton but also of Farrakhan.

5.  Tamika Mallory, Jew-Hatred, and Farrakhan

As Tablet magazine reports, Mallory privately has blamed Jews for the slave trade that brought African Americans here. The allegation that Jews bear “a special collective responsibility as exploiters of black and brown people” and “were proven to have been leaders of the American slave trade” is remarkable for its ignorance, blind hatred, and bigotry against Jews. On the other hand, it is a core element of the Louis Farrakhan Jew-hate narrative.

Tamika Mallory is an integral part of that hate machine, too. She has imbibed at the well.

On February 25, 2018, marking a significant annual calendrical event commemorated by his Nation of Islam, Farrakhan delivered his annual Saviours’ Day speech at Chicago’s Wintrust Arena. “Powerful Jews are my enemy,” he bellowed. “Satan is going down. Farrakhan has pulled the cover off the eyes of the Satanic Jew, and I’m here to say your time is up, your world is through.”

He added that “the White people who are running Mexico are Mexican-Jews” and that Jews were controlling the Ukraine, France, Poland, and Germany, too. After continuing his Nazi-like screed with a long series of other Hitlerite anti-Jewish tropes, Farrakhan gave a shout-out to Tamika Mallory, who was present at the speech, and she proudlyposted two Instagram photos from the event. In one of them, she smiles broadly as Farrakhan approvingly drapes his arm over her shoulders, and she writes: “Thank God this man is still alive and doing well. He is definitely the GOAT [Greatest Of All Time]. Happy Birthday @louisfarrakhan!”

This incident and these remarks were not those of a gushing child or teen; this was 38-year-old Tamika Mallory in 2018.

She has called the 1948 creation of the State of Israel a “human rights crime.” As a result of Mallory’s bigotry, the Victorian Council of Social Service “Good Life” summit in Melbourne, Australia, sponsored by an Australian social service agency, canceled their invitation for her to be their keynote speaker. Elsewhere, in video remarks shown in Manhattan to the Center for Constitutional Rights, she stated: “It’s clear you [Israelis] needed a place to go — cool, we got that.” She then accused Israel of being created by “kill[ing], steal[ing], and do[ing] whatever it is you’re gonna do to take that land.” Thus, Mallory concluded, Israel’s creation was “a human rights crime.”

Dr. Rafael Medoff, founding director of the David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies and a leading American scholar of the Holocaust period,  has ruefully noted that Linda Sarsour and Tamika Mallory ironically have repeated the tragic history of the 1930s that saw leaders of that era’s feminist movement refuse to condemn Hitler or Nazism.  As with “Women’s March” co-head, Linda Sarsour, Tamika Mallory also has a history of berating Caucasians, even including White women engaged in Women’s March.  This, too, derives from her Farrakhan discipleship. 

As explained by Evvie Harmon, a Women’s March leader, Mallory erupted at a debriefing meeting in her apartment among Women’s March’s seven lead organizers after their 2016 event:

“Tamika told us that the problem was that there were five white women in the room and only three women of color, and that she didn’t trust white women. Especially white women from the South. At that point, I kind of tuned out because I was so used to hearing this type of talk from Tamika. But then I noticed the energy in the room changed. I suddenly realized that Tamika and Carmen were facing Vanessa [Wruble, another leader], who was sitting on a couch, and berating her—but it wasn’t about her being white. It was about her being Jewish. ‘Your people this, your people that.’ . . .  They even said to her ‘your people hold all the wealth.’ You could hear a pin drop. It was awful.”

There are no [longer any] Jewish women on the board. They [Mallory and Sarsour] refused to put any on. Most of the Jewish people resigned and left.
By January 2017, Wruble no longer was affiliated with Women’s March, Inc.  According to Mercy Morganfield, a former spokesperson for Women’s March who also ran their branch in Washington, D.C.: “There are no [longer any] Jewish women on the board. They [Mallory and Sarsour] refused to put any on. Most of the Jewish people resigned and left. They refused to even put anti-Semitism in the unity principles.”

6. Alienating Even Staunch Voices on the Left from a “Women’s March” Led by Jew-Haters and Related Bigots

As a result of Tamika Mallory’s and Linda Sarsour’s catalogue of hate, a growing stream of voices on the Left have pulled away from this year’s Women’s March, slated for mid-Janury.  Actresses Debra Messing and Alyssa Milano have announced they will not participate in the Women’s March because of Women’s March leaders’ ties to Farrakhan, who still talks of the “Satanic Jews.” The Friedrich Ebert Foundation, an NGO affiliated with the German Social Democratic Party, withdrew its Human Rights Award originally meant to be conferred on “the Women’s March,” saying that “the Women’s March USA does not constitute an inclusive alliance.” The NGO added that Sarsour “spreads anti-Semitic conspiracy theories that resemble the classic anti-Semitic trope of blood libel.”

Likewise, Regional “Women’ March” chapters, including the chapter in Denver, have blasted the national organization. Angie Beem, president of the board for the Women’s March in Spokane, Wash., published that her group has been urging for the past year that Mallory and Sarsour resign. “Most of us state chapters are furious with them.” 

Even Teresa Shook, the former attorney who is credited with launching “Women’s March,”  has called for Mallory’s and Sarsour’s removal from leadership, explaining that she has been approached by women who feel that “Women’s March” no longer is a welcoming space. “Unfortunately, those co-chairs have so intertwined themselves with the movement and the message that the community has totally lost faith in the Women’s March because they have lost faith in them,” Shook has said.

It used to be that Nazi-like attitudes towards Jews were associated with macho male names like Hitler, Stalin, Eichmann, Farrakhan.  But now Tamika Mallory and Linda Sarsour may take comfort in humming the old theme of the “Virginia Slims” cigarettes for women: You’ve come a long way, baby.  As they now stand proudly, as co-heads of Women’s March, on the same figurative stage with such male Nazi types of recent historical vintage, do not be surprised if they keep watchful eyes focused on the stage’s wooden foundations — fearfully watching for termites.