Wake up to the infiltration of Radical Islamsts in elected positions
Wake up to the infiltration of Radical Islamsts in elected positions

In a rather ungracious slap in the face to the American people she will soon represent in Congress, Rashida Tlaib, the recently elected congresswoman from Michigan has announced she will dress in Palestinian garb at her upcoming Congressional swearing-in. And it is a good bet she will also demand a Koran rather than a Bible on which to place her hand when she takes the (supposed) vow of allegiance to this country and its laws. 

Rashida will be sworn in together with the other radical Muslim woman recently elected to the congress from Minnesota, Ilhan Omar, whose predecessor in that seat, Keith Ellison, frighteningly now sits as the Attorney General for that state. They will join congressman Andre Carson to up the number of Muslim House members to three.

This growing Muslim movement to become active in politics and the naive acceptance of that trend by our citizens opens the door for them to achieve the power they will use to legally replace our current constitutional laws with those of the Koran to which they have sworn compliance.

Islam in Arabic means "submission."

Jews and Christians have much to be concerned about regarding the growing radical political influence in the Democrat Party of those of the Muslim faith. Of course, three members in the 435 law-making chamber are unlikely to have much initial effect on US politics but they can strengthen the growing anti-Israel viewpoints now growing at a frightening pace among their fellow elected Democrats.

For instance, Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass) and Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) spoke as recently as this November at a rally outside the Supreme Court that was hosted by prominent Women's March organizers and prominent anti-Israel activists Linda Sarsour and Tamika Mallory. We see the ever growing activist women's groups becoming more hostile to Israel through their radicalized leadership.

These two new overtly,  outspoken women will energize the growing hatred of the far Left against Israel and its supporters. Much of their time will be spent on colleges recruiting Muslim young women to walk the stairway up the political ladder to increase their numbers in the lawmaking bodies across the country. You can count on that and that's a scary thought.

Tell that to your Democrat family members, neighbors or congressman. It's coming sooner than we thought. "They'll overwhelm us and conquer us with our own democratic system, not with their daggers." Remember that.