Pro-Israel columnist—at NY Times?
Pro-Israel columnist—at NY Times?

The New York Times usually hires ONE conservative columnist in order to qualify as being legit and kosher.

One conservative against 25 radical leftist commentators and look, they say, we are fair and balanced.

About a year ago, the paper chose Bret Stephens to pinch-hit for the Right…and if he is that, it is with an asterisk. He is, like the rest of them, terminally anti-Trump.

I don’t even remember his being sharply pro-Israel but something must have clicked, because all of a sudden, a recent column of his is beautifully in support of the Jewish State.

He even mentions the Israelis as living in their “ancestral homeland.” Only A.M. Rosenthal was allowed to talk like this.

Stephens’ target is Hezbollah…at this date when nearly everything like that is termed Islamophobic and near anything favorable to Israel “violates community standards.”

Right, FB?

Stephens even takes a swipe at (leftism on steroids) The New York Review of Books. So he won’t be dancing over there either comes their party for the New Year.

Who wrote this was my first question, as I kept rubbing my eyes in disbelief. Second, will Stephens be able to keep his job? Will he have to leave the country?

Did he leave behind a suicide note?

Does he now show up for work in disguise? As in the movie “Office Space,” has his desk been moved down to the basement…next to the boiler?

I remember Bret Stephens when he worked for The Jerusalem Post, and then went to The Wall Street Journal, and now here he is at the Times—but nowhere, was he, is he, anything wholly Conservative, and in fact, finally in Valhalla, he learned to adjust, that is – go with the flow, leftwards.

Once in a while though, I guess, a man wakes up and says to himself, what am I? Who am I?

This awakening I found here in The Seattle Times. Obviously, it first appeared in the NY Times. But if I read it over there, I’d have to pay.

I make it a rule never to pay for anti-Trump hysteria or anti-Israel smut. Too much of that is available for free anyway.

Which brings us to CBS-TV; its Sunday morning program, which is often quite good.

As we tune in, we find reporter Rita Braver announcing that this segment will explore the rise of anti-Semitism in America.

This should be good. Even better, she herself is Jewish, Ms. Braver tells us.

Naturally, the discussion will be about Farrakhan, Sarsour, BDS on campus, and the Jew-hatred that has afflicted the Women’s March…all of it on the Left.

Only once a year is someone from the media allowed to speak the truth, and Bret Stephens snuck one in before the year was out.
Not a chance!

The entire segment was a profile against Trump. Once again the media found its default position – Trump. It is all on him.

The lesson? Only once a year is someone from the media allowed to speak the truth, and Bret Stephens snuck one in before the year was out.

Someone else tried it, but failed. Two the same year would have been too much.

This is about a review that never was.

A very prominent journalist informed me that he read my book “The Bathsheba Deadline” and found it “eye-opening and illuminating as no other.”

The perfect “Inside Journalism” thriller, he gushed. Imagine my gladness, until…

“You exposed the tricks of the trade,” he told me, “and I was prepared to give it a five-star review – but they stopped me. They warned me that I’d never work again.”

For this reason, I give Bret Stephens nearly a 10 for his courage under fire.

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