The Shimon and Levi option
The Shimon and Levi option

Any news from the Hivites lately?

So Shechem the Hivite violated Jacob and Leah’s daughter, Dinah, and then wanted to marry her, and then proposed a “peace process” between his people and Jacob’s people.

Neither the rape nor the peace process sat well with two of Dinah’s brothers, Shimon and Levi, and after one thing and another (full story, Gen. 30:25), they slew all the Hivite males.

Jacob was distressed over what Shimon and Levi had done…worried how the world would react. He rebuked his sons for “making me odious among the inhabitants of the land.”

Quite typical down to our day, fretting, “What will the neighbors say?”

To Jacob, Shimon and Levi answered: “Should they treat our sister like a harlot?”

Who did right and who did wrong?

As has been explained, both did right. Jacob, by scolding them, did what he had to do, and Shimon and Levi, by taking care of business, did what they had to do.

Meantime, the Hivites are scattered and gone and Israel lives…but lives dangerously as a fresh wave of Islamic terrorism has reared up; today against Israelis waiting at a bus stop. Two dead.

Earlier, the murder of a baby that was forced to be born prematurely to Shira Ish-Ran and Amichai Ish-Ran. They’d been married not even a year.

Shira was seriously injured in the drive-by bus stop shooting. The baby managed to live and to be loved four days. It was a boy.

As Israel grieves, should the Palestinian Arabs and the terrorists who crouch among them be allowed to sleep well as this family and all Israel is violated?
As Israel grieves, should the Palestinian Arabs and the terrorists who crouch among them be allowed to sleep well as this family and all Israel is violated?

The violation begins with the shout “Allahu Akbar” which is supposed to mean their god is the greatest but really means, as we’ve been saying it here, they’ve come to kill.  

Or perhaps it is time to take care of business, Shimon and Levi style.

Okay, nothing so drastic in detail. Of course not. But maybe in spirit? We’ve tried everything else. Peace processes…land giveaways…Oslo…lopsided prisoner exchanges…

How about defeating them…plainly that…as nations do when it is time for the enemy to bite the dust?

There comes a time when a nation must decide – them or us.

Israel needs to send a message that crushes them enough to beg for mercy, and plead with two words – “total surrender.”

Never mind the world…never mind the neighbors…they squawk anyway. They’ve got their own Islamist problems, except that for Israel it’s do or die.

How about letting them know that targeting children, babies and innocent civilians… “such things are not done” …quote from the same Dinah sequence in Scriptures.

The specifics on what is to be done – above this writer’s pay grade. For that, Netanyahu and the generals get salaried.

So it is good to learn that Netanyahu has started to act, with a series of emergency measures intended to shore up the IDF and curb the enemy.

Indeed, house demolitions within 48 hours after an attack? Good. But we have heard this before…and we have heard from the High Court before. Not good.

Will the government stick to its resolve? Or will it cave, in response to “world opinion” – what the neighbors might say?

The world and the neighbors will say that Israel must get back to the “peace process” with its peace partner Mahmoud Abbas and his PA, the Palestinian Authority.

Until Israel negates the PA and calls it what it really is…never a partneralways an enemy…nothing will have changed. Nothing will have been learned.

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