Oui, Macron: l’islamization en marche'!
Oui, Macron: l’islamization en marche'!

As Monsieur Macron would say, Islamization is en marche! Now two journalists from Le Monde newspaper, Gérard Davet and Fabrice Lhomme, published "Inch'allah", an investigation into the "uncovered Islamization" of the Seine-Saint-Denis (1.6 million inhabitants). It is a spotlight research project on the most complicated department of France. These two journalists, working for the most mainstream leftist newspaper, wanted to discover if the voices of Islamization were based on fact or not. Their verdict is yes, “Islamization is at work in Seine-Saint-Denis”. 

One of the interviewed officials says: "When we get up in the morning, what do we see while taking the children to school? We pass the kebab at the corner, then the first halal butcher, the second halal butcher, the third halal butcher, then the religious bookseller and the Muslim shop that sells niqab ... Whole neighborhoods are under the halal.”

France is going to be divided in two.
France is going to be divided in two and the border line is slipped around all the subjects included in the Islam of visibility: food, clothes, prayer, charity, school. Everything to impress the average Muslim. Small daily compromises. There have been so many setbacks before a protest that Islam today does not even need to raise its voice or threaten.

See that President Macron is almost neglecting the subject. Muslims make their place of work a fertile ground for religion. It is a pyramidal system, where the most pious monitor the least religious and so on, up to the non-believers to be converted. 

The book goes from the head teacher who fights the attempts of an Islamist intrusion to the gynecologist overwhelmed by the obscurantism of his patients, from the elected officials who work in all kinds of compromises in order to obtain the favor of Muslim voters to the labour union which organizes the Muslim prayer halls in public transport service depots.

It is now the rule in many pieces of France: Islamic hairdressers for women or men only, cafes for women, restaurants that do not sell alcohol, non-Halal food that disappears from confectioners, streets where qamis for males and niqab for women it is the rule, the Jews who leave ... 

The beautiful souls of the Left, who made all this possible, can go to sleep peacefully: the problem is not due to the fact that there is halal in France, but to the fact that there are pieces of France in which by now there is only the halal, Allah and nothing but Allah. 

Their young Islamists shout "victory"! Our elderly reply "peace"!