Al Dura Season II on France's Channel 2
Al Dura Season II on France's Channel 2

A report broadcast on the program "Envoyé spécial" recently, is angering Israel and French Jews.

Elise Lucet, a journalist at France 2 presented "Gaza, a crippled youth," a documentary by Yvan Martinet.

Yvan Martinet is a great admirer of the propagandist Charles Enderlin, author of the Al Dura hoax, proven to have been a staged lie, and of Paul Moreira.

Paul Moreira with his anti-Israeli activist friends of the NGO Reporters Without Borders has turned to the International Criminal Court (ICC) concerning "war crimes committed by the Israeli army against Palestinian journalists", (Seen on RSF website ).

Yvan Martinet tweeted "Thanks" to Charles Enderlin who congratulated him.

On Wednesday, the eve of the broadcast, the ambassador of Israel in France Aliza Bin Noun asked the presidency of France Televisions to "reconsider the dissemination of the report," expressing concern "about the harmful and dangerous repercussions that it could engender on the Jewish community of France ".

Denouncing an "unbalanced point of view" on the situation in Gaza and the "very negative" vision of Israel, the diplomat asserts that "such content is likely to incite hatred against Israel" and by extension to the Jews of France, "because of a frequent and distressing amalgam between Jews and Israel".

The Central Jewish Consistory of France (CCIF), an institution representative of French Jews, had also lobbied France 2 to prevent the broadcast of the documentary, via a letter signed by its president Joel Mergui: denouncing a subject "very committed, to the limited bias, with no other possible reading pattern than the outright condemnation of Israel. "

"You are obviously not without knowing the close link between the resurgence of anti-Semitism in France and the detestation of Israel, fueled by such programs."

In his letter, Joel Mergui also hopes that the report makes "mention of crippled Israel to maintain a certain objectivity", and concludes:

"I leave to your proper appreciation the responsibility to measure the relevance of such a broadcast."

A demonstration in front of France Télévision.

Thursday afternoon, the president of the CRIF (Representative Council of Jewish Institutions of France) Francis Kalifat announced on Twitter that he had "alerted Delphine Ernotte on the lively emotion" caused by the trailer of the report, adding: "The service The public must not participate in spreading the hatred of Israel whose dramatic consequences are known to the Jewish French. "

On Tuesday, the UDI deputy of French nationals abroad Meyer Habib, elected in the constituency comprising the French of Israel, had already accused France 2 of "propaganda", "visceral anti-Israeli obsession", and "to prepare the ground for future anti-Semitic violence, if not an attack against the Jews of France ".

"This has been proven and acknowledged, including by Hamas dignitaries: almost all the young people killed or wounded were Hamas activists, sent to death by the jihadist organization," he says.

A demonstration attended by dozens of people also took place on Wednesday evening at the headquarters of France Télévisions in Paris, to protest against the broadcast of the report.

Former France2 TV correspondent Charles Enderlin, the author of the infamous Al Dura Affair, and now retired, for his part hailed on Twitter a "balanced subject from the point of view of journalistic ethics."

"We see tragedy, hatred, consequences of blockade, confinement, poverty, unemployment, the lack of a future," he writes.

The Union of France 2 journalists' society also lent its support to the authors of the report: "Target of criticism even before its diffusion, the journalistic work carried out is irreproachable" .

To sum up, #Special Envoy #eliselucet #yvanmartinet have the support of Charles Enderlin and Paul Moreira(2 notorious anti-semites), SDJ FRANCE2, L'Express, Le Monde, L'Obs, Telerama ... and imported anti-Semites. What trash! France 2 persists in inciting hatred of Jews.

Hamas commits war crimes according to the Geneva Convention. The French state claims to fight anti-Semitism and at the same time gives a green light to public TV channels to broadcast Hamas propaganda to excite the anti-Semites. How hypocritical!