Europe is the world turned upside down
Europe is the world turned upside down

What is the country in Europe where the head of the largest opposition party is ordered by the judges to undergo a forensic psychiatric examination? Putin's Russia? Kurz's Austria? Orban's Hungary? Poland? No, Macron's France, the famous “alternative to illiberal democracy”.

In 2015 Marine Le Pen posted images of ISIS beheadings on Twitter. She is being investigated by the prosecutor of Nanterre for “dissemination of violent images”, she risks the suspension of the parliamentary immunity and now the magistrates also ordered her to go to a psychiatrist.

For years the French authorities tried to “deradicalize” the French beheaders, now the same authorities try to search the brain of the politician who posted the images of those beheadings. The jihadists will eventually refresh their heads.

Three days after a Palestinian Arab stabbed to death the Israeli Ari Fuld, the government of the Spanish socialists announced a European initiative to recognize the “Palestinian State”. And if the EU does not come to a decision, warned the Spanish Foreign Minister Borrell, “Spain will go ahead alone”.

We face here a dreadful languor of death: Spain is totally absent on the international scene, it was brought to knees by a couple of Islamic attacks, it boasts of welcoming ships of migrants against those “racists of Italians” who refused them but it didn't take part in the Western operations against ISIS, it is a demographically dying country and a land of great investments for Saudis and other emirs, and which now finds it urgent to recognize another failed and violent Arab state to be built on Israel's shoulders.

What would the dear Spanish socialists say if Israel recognized a “State of Catalonia” full of stabboners, suicide bombers and other beautiful people ready to drown the Castilian people in the Mediterranean, as the Palestinians would like to do with the Israelis? Or do they think that the terrorism that besieges Israel's life is justifiable and less painful than the one that slaughtered them on the Atocha trains and the Ramblas of Barcelona?

What would not Europe do for oil and business? Saudi Arabia is engaged in a ruthless war in Yemen. Spain and Germany had promised that they would no longer sell arms to the Saudis, due to the humanitarian Yemeni disaster that nobody talks about. Then Madrid and Berlin sold the promised weapons to the Sunni kingdom.

The Spaniards, who show off their humanitarianism only when there are migrants in the middle, will send 400 laser bombs to Mecca. Save the Children, which is mentioned in the media only when it shamefully attacks Israel, said that five million Yemeni children are starving.

The richest country in the Islamic world has been bombarding the poorest country in the Islamic world for two years and Europe has said nothing. But its belly and wallet are safe.

Europe is the perfect world turned upside down!