The end of the Jewish World as we know it
The end of the Jewish World as we know it

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Saks has stated that the ultimate basis of Jewish peoplehood throughout history has been “Kol Yisrael arevim zeh bazeh”, “All Jews are responsible for one another”. We may not agree on anything, but we remain a single extended family. If you disagree with a friend, tomorrow he or she may no longer be your friend. But if you disagree with a family member, tomorrow he or she is still part of your family. Being a family is what keeps us together. We don’t need to agree with each other, but we do need to care about each other.

This historical connection between Jews has come to an abrupt end. It can no longer be ignored or denied. American Jews from the Democratic, progressive side of the political map have not only transformed themselves into a vanguard dedicated to publicly criticize Israel, but act as if Israel is a flawed democracy unworthy of their support.

This monumental shake-up and self-inflicted division of the Jewish world has been building up in recent years changing the very foundation of the Jewish World that we have been accustomed to for the past 150 years. Not since the period of European enlightenment leading to the establishment of the Reform movement and secular Judaism, and not even during the darkest days of the Holocaust, has the Jewish world undergone such a widespread and fundamental rethinking of what it means to be Jewish.

We see it everywhere today; led by self-hating Jews, appearing on mainstream and social media adopting an anti-Israel narrative that not only rejects Israel’s basic national right of self-defense but simultaneously demands that Israel forfeit her right to exist as the nation-state of the Jewish people.
With the establishment of the State of Israel and its metamorphosis within a relatively short period into a world leader in defense, technology, medicine, agriculture, water purification, and food production; allowing Israel to free herself from the shackles of dependence on the American Jewish community, the schism has accelerated and is threatening the very unity of the Jewish world.

We see it everywhere today; led by self-hating Jews, appearing on mainstream and social media adopting an anti-Israel narrative that not only rejects Israel’s basic national right of self-defense but simultaneously demands that Israel forfeit her right to exist as the nation-state of the Jewish people.

Jewish intellectuals, liberal/progressive organizations, Reform Rabbi’s, lay leaders, University faculty members, students, communities, and  grass roots movements have all joined hands using their Jewish identity and Jewish affiliation to represent themselves as a moral authority and amplify their rejection of the State of Israel while making alliances with BDS organizations, Islamic organizations, and anti-Israel movements throughout the world that specifically express their objective of ending the existence of Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people. They express complete solidarity with the Palestinians and their efforts to delegitimize the Jewish State.

Peter Beinart, archliberal and Jewish provocateur in regard to Israel stated in his book, “The Crisis of Zionism” that the problem of Jewish unity, and here I can quote Beinart himself when he writes that young American Jews “are not especially connected to Israel because they are not especially connected to being Jewish". These young and liberal American Jews who are Jews only in name, seem to have lost their basic understanding of how democratic societies function.

In the same manner that these Jews have denied the legal and democratic elections in America and spend no less of their efforts to deny President Trump any semblance of legitimacy despite his fair and square win over his democratic opponent, these same Jews refuse to accept the reality that Israel’s political system and political processes are subject to complete Judicial review and cannot in any manner deviate from accepted norms of democratic principles.

Yet despite the undeniable Democratic due process in Israel, progressive Jews still act as if they can no longer defend Israel and infer that Israel itself as a Jewish state, is a provocation to their humanistic values. Even President Trump’s decision to rightly move the American Embassy to Jerusalem, the Capital of Israel was given a cold shoulder by progressive Jews. This being the case, denying the legitimacy inherent in President Trump’s election win, and denying the legitimacy of laws and regulations that that are enacted by Israel’s Knesset are essentially two sides of the same coin.

Interestingly enough, in response to their consistent rejection of democratic norms while adhering to irrational and politically correct viewpoints, we can clearly observe a counter-intuitive response of their political allies on the left side of the political map. Despite the support given to and alliances with African-American and Latin American political leaders, we are witnessing an unprecedented upswing in incidents of anti-Semitism from these communities.

The recent funeral of Aretha Franklin in which ex-Democratic President Bill Clinton shared a broadcasted center stage with the virulent Jew hater and Anti-Semite, Louis Farrakhan, an African American Muslim leader, is a case in point. In the past, Farrakhan called Adolf Hitler “a very great man and claimed a few years ago that “white people deserve to die.”

Many progressive Jews on the left may not know the extent of Farrakhan’s bigotry, or they may condone it by claiming he did a service for African American communities. For example, Tamika Mallory, cofounder of the Women’s March, called Farrakhan a “GOAT,” or greatest of all time, and Congressman Keith Ellison, an accused beater of women, and deputy chairman of the Democratic National Committee, once called him a “role model for black youth.”

This shows something inherently wrong with the reciprocity awarded to progressive Jews for their efforts by the Democratic Party and their cohorts.

On the Israeli front, progressive Jews are being interrogated, detained, and denied entrance into Israel at an unprecedented rate, with new cases being reported every day. We can only conclude one shattering conclusion. These progressive Jews are being treated as national security risks by the State of Israel and their identities and activities are being closely monitored by Israel’s security agencies, no different than potential terrorists and their supporters.

It seems that progressive American Jews have crossed the line as far as Israel is considered and their presence in Israel is seen a national threat.  

So who will save these self-destructive progressive Jews from themselves and help them in their hour of need; progressive Jews’ newfound partners?; the anti-Semitic supporters of the BDS movement, or maybe the anti-Semitic supporters of the anti-Israel LGBT organizations? Certainly the 60 million Evangelical Protestant Americans and their families who voted for President Trump won’t be in their corner, nor the people of Israel, their historical partners to 3000 years of family unity, who have been effectively shown the progressive door.

Progressive American Jews have lost support on the left and on the right and are entering dangerous waters. Should they continue and suppress expressions of support for Israel or ostracize pro-Israel individuals, the progressive Jews of America will continue to alienate and distance themselves from the Jewish world and will find themselves acting like the large beached whales that run themselves for unknown reasons aground on dry land again and again until they eventually die. Progressive Jews might very well bring upon themselves a similar fate in the near future. They have no one to blame but themselves.

The writer, a 25-year veteran of the I.D.F., served as a field mental health officer and Commander of the Central Psychiatric Military Clinic for Reserve Soldiers at Tel-Hashomer. Since retiring from active duty, he provides consultancy services to NGO’s implementing Psycho trauma and Psychoeducation programs to communities in the North and South of Israel and is a former strategic advisor to the Chief Foreign Envoy of Judea and Samaria.     Contact: