The West has no Ari Fulds
The West has no Ari Fulds

His name was Ari Fuld, the Israeli Jew who was stabbed to death in Gush Etzion by a lousy barbarian Palestinian Arab terrorist from a nearby village. Only Israel produces people like Ari. He was an army reservist, an Internet campaigner for his country, a voluntary guard defending his community, a father of four, an immigrant from the US.

After being wounded, then to death, Ari had the strength and courage to shoot the terrorist, neutralizing him, and saving a woman from the Jihadist's knife. Israel is unique in the world and exists because it is made up of people like Ari.

Israel is unique in the world and exists because it is made up of people like Ari.
Look at the strength, grandeur, and beauty of this latest Israeli family destroyed, after their father Ari was killed by the Palestinian terrorist. Israeli politics is often corrupt, quarrelsome, biased, not very different from the Italian one where I live. But Israeli society is the true strength of that state, which allowed it not only to survive 70 years of war and terrorism, but to become ever stronger and better.

Ari Fuld leaves a family bowed in mourning, but each of his children will build Israel in turn, with their own family blessed by new children, serving in the army as their father, making that siege-bound desert a wonder. This is the most impressive thing I have seen and tried to describe about Israel: that this is a free society that fights not for hatred, but for the defense of their homes.

I thought the blood of the Jews was transparent, water-colored. Instead it is just red, like mine, like yours. Like the one in the photo where Ari Fuld was murdered. Yet, it must be really transparent, because I have not seen newspaper articles and TV reports on this taboo, or the killing of a Jew as a Jew.

If a crime is not made public, if that scandal is not shouted loud and clear, if it does not buzz in people's heads and does not become a chemistry in their memory, if it does not penetrate the public opinion hungry for drivel, that crime does not exist, it has never existed.

This is the disaster that has been orchestrated against Israel. But in this amnesia is also inscribed our own disaster as a civilization. The West no longer knows how to distinguish good from evil and no longer knows how to fight the latter.

Ari Fuld was the son of Israel, not of the West.