Trump, the Israel Agenda and fake Republicans
Trump, the Israel Agenda and fake Republicans
Everywhere I go, I am asked about Trump, Trump and Israel, Trump and the 2018 elections and Trump 2020.

I have been stalked,  I have been threatened.  I actually have the evidence to sue for defamation of character, slander and libel. 

I expect this from Democrats, but, surprise, it's from people running around claiming to be Republicans, Conservatives, Zionists and Trump supporters. Yes, people who claim they support our Commander-in-Chief.  

I ask myself, should I give up? Why should I add stress to myself and risk the physical harm to family members, friends and neighbors?

Then I get an email from one of my followers, a total stranger from Israel inviting me to make Aliyah, or a hug at a simcha and realize, I am not alone.  There are truly decent people out there who "get it." In the coming months, I will do everything in my power to secure a Republican majority in both the House of Representatives and Senate and ensure a Trump Administration through 2024.  

I will call out, with evidence and documentation why every single person MUST research every  social media group they join, every " Trump"  event they attend and every PAC or organization they donate even a dollar too.  

There are many quality, authorized groups, but I am coming across some bad "sour" grapes among the bunch. I have met individuals who "claim" to be working on Advisory Boards, state campaigns and minority organizations.

Why is this important for Israel, American Jews, and worldwide Zionism?

From President Trump’s staff choices including but not limited to; Mike Pence, Mike Pompeo, Nikki Haley, John Bolton, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and my personal favorites, Ambassador David Friedman and his charming wife and gracious partner at official events, Tammy, the United States has never had a better, stronger relationship with Israel.  

The Trump Administration has suggested that funds for UNRWA be used for other refugees the United Nations aids.
Trump's been doing something few talk about, especially the Fake News Media.  Trump's success in the Black, Latino, Millennial, Asian and other communities has built new bonds with Jews.  Trump's faith-based support has elevated love and respect for Israel, its people and its many ethnic groups and cultures like never before.

I also ask myself, how does President Trump achieve all of this despite constant threats of impeachment? Most public figures of his age and financial stature would have given up long ago. Why does he still want continue to serve our country, when he could be playing golf around the world?   

Actions Versus Words

While the media was having a field day with a remark claiming, "Israel will have to pay dearly," the Trump administration announced that that the United States will reject the Palestinian "Right of Return."  

These refugees (only about 20,000 of those who fled the 1948 war in Israel are still alive) and their up to 4th generation descendants (in the millions), stilled called refugee by UNRWA, supported by the United States Relief and Works Agency for Palestine, live in the Gaza Strip and Judea and Samaria.  The Trump Administration has suggested that funds for UNRWA be used for other refugees the United Nations aids.   The United States also announced its withdrawal from the United Nations Human Rights Council.  

At home, President Trump signed the Fiscal Year 2019 National Defense Authorization Act.  This law includes pro-Israel funding and cooperation for weapons and defense.   And, President Trump still found time to deport a 95-year-old Nazi, expelling him from Queens, New York and returning him to Germany.

Coincidentally, National Security Advisor John Bolton was in Israel during the attention the remark received. All of a sudden, John Bolton's loyalty to both Israel and President Trump were questioned by both fake news...... and by Trump supporters throughout social media. I was even asked by hardcore followers.  What's up with Bolton?

 As someone who has met with John Bolton, and an activist who works regularly with Bolton supporters, Dr. Joe Frager and Mort Klein, I can promise that Bolton is still one of Israel's biggest supporters. In fact, John Bolton is being honored by the Zionist Organization of America. 

It's simple, actions speak louder than words, and detractors purposely crave attention by thinking they will get it falsely claiming they support the president and his administration, even in his own party.

Vicki Paladino's Race for State Senate is filled with lots of hate.  Her supporters are all over social media spurring words and images against Israel and Jews.  Everything against the Trump agenda. Many support Nazis and White Supremacists.

Donald Trump's own grandchildren are the descendants of Holocaust survivors.  It's offensive. Many candidates have agendas of their own and have a goal to get their fifteen minutes of fame.  Somehow, Jews are used, and misused.  

Rabbi Yoel Schoenfeld of the Young Israel of Kew Garden Hills is being used by Paladino's team as her tie to Israel and Jews.  When I asked if he supports her primary campaign, here was his response:  "Ms Grosz:  I think it's important for you to know that I have nothing to do with Vickie Paladino. I met her once when she came to the anti NY Times rally. I did not meet or talk to her before or after that. I don't know why you think I support her. I have to date nothing to do with her other than that one time when someone introduced me to her.  If anyone claims otherwise it is not the truth. Be well..YS

He was misled by a village group who only invited her and not her opponent, the endorsed candidate of both the Republican and Conservative parties.  Unofficial Republican groups in Queens, Smithtown and a Woman's Federation mislead the public about their power, their unconditional support of the president, and thus, his Middle East policies.  They turn off voters, thus secure Democratic/Socialist candidate victories.  We know what happens then.

It's Elul, a time of reflection, a time prayer for the coming year. I watch the energy of our president, it gives me strength to expose, share and educate about phony Trump supporters, and those who directly and indirectly hurt All of Israel.  I need your help.

Cindy Grosz can be reached at [email protected]