Is the mainstream media the 'enemy of the people'?
Is the mainstream media the 'enemy of the people'?

This month, newspapers and media outlets across the U.S. launched a widespread effort aimed at combating, what the mainstream media says, are the constant attacks from President Donald Trump as well as negative feelings about the media's role in society.

More than 300 newspapers around the nation joined together, as each published editorials that explained the role of journalists and stressed the positive role journalism plays in society. 

The effort was spearheaded by Marjorie Pritchard, deputy managing editor of the editorial page at The Boston Globe, who asked other editors to combat frequent attacks made on the press by Trump. Arutz Sheva and JP did not join.

“No one will be happy all the time with what a journalist or news outlet produces,” The Capital Journal editorial said. “But being called an enemy — and not of a politician or cause, but of the whole people of a nation — that’s something else entirely. It’s sinister. It’s destructive. And it must end now."

“Not guilty!” The proverbial, constant and universal defense submitted by defendants.

There isn’t a bully who doesn’t defend his cowardly actions and there isn’t an idiot who doesn’t consider himself intelligent. The aggressor will always blame the victim and the defeated will never admit the folly of his actions. As it goes with simple individuals so it goes with those who consider themselves above the rest of us, above the simple-minded individual who is fed the poison of lies and admonished when he gags.

And so it goes with the ‘holier-than-though’ media. They are deeply hurt, are they? What an audacious, unmitigated chutzpah!

President Trump’s ‘constant attacks’ – as the outlets call them – are nothing more than the response of a person who simply will not be bullied. Roll back the years to the first days of Trump’s candidacy for President of The United States and watch the screen as the constant, unrelenting criticism, critique, condemnation, ridicule and outright derision of Donald Trump the candidate, Donald Trump the President and Donald Trump the man, plays.out.

Ninety percent of all the news items are an attack on President Trump and his success in making America great again. Libelous, frivolous and outright lies are bandied about by the media in their pursuit to undermine and destroy the President. The American people are fed half-truths, blown-up fables and outright lies in order to sow hatred and distrust of a president whose agenda is the betterment and growth of the United States. His every success is shot down or completely ignored, his tax relief for the average American is ridiculed as “mere peanuts."

The media has lied about the immigration, the wall, ICE, First Lady Melania and has stooped to the gutter in attacking her young son, Barron. The media adopted a ‘no-holds-barred’ position on the president and assumed the role of Grand Inquisitor. Mr. Trump has been called every dirty epithet in the book. Numbers are twisted, facts omitted, lies spun like thread in order to pile the dirt on the man who defeated Hillary.

Ohhh…That’s it! The darling of the media, Hillary Clinton, was defeated by the man who was not supposed to come close to her. The crowned princess of the leftist media was shown the door and the media just can’t come to terms with their false assessment throughout the election process.

Maxine Waters, clueless Alexandra Casio-Cortez, Socialist/Communist Bernie Sanders, crocodile-tears Chuck Schumer or Elizabeth Warren are just a few that come to mind - the media never disputes their outrageous claims.
Didn’t they manipulate the polls to drive the point that Donald Trump has no chance of ever becoming President? Even on election night, the forecasters were determined to influence the very last voters that Hillary is a shoo in, a lie eventually exposed right there on the big screen. How could Trump wrest the golden staff from their darling? We must, therefore, destroy him in every possible way.

And the lying circus continues. Just watch CNN’s Jim Acosta as he goads White House Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

CNN, MNBC, CBS, PBS -.every mainstream news outlet joined the lynching and the call for impeachment. The fabricated stories were spun and spun and laid down as gospel….and the lies have yet to recede.

The role of a journalist is to report the news, report the good news and the reports that turn out bad. The journalists’ job is to make sure that the citizenry gets the precise truth of what is going on. It is a disgusting shame for the media to manipulate each and every story, blow it out of proportion, color it in black and present the putrid result for public consumption - and then throw a tantrum because its fallacies and skewed reporting has been called out for what it is. FAKE NEWS!

Isn’t it a lie to deny that the economy is booming, that employment has never been better and every promise made is a promise kept? Just asking.

What would you call a media who is so hateful of the president, it simply forgot that its mission is to report to the public and instead, is resorting to fabrications, manipulations of a story, fibbing on facts, digitally changing pictures and has no interest in seeing any light breaking through the thick clouds of gloom it is projecting?

What do you call a media who considers every policy accomplishment and success to be a sham while the American people who do benefit from that ‘sham’ are happier than ever and clearly don’t understand the media’s ugly bias and disrespect?

Just look at the names that are prominent in today’s political arena and whose non-stop attacks against President Trump are hailed by the media as ‘pearls of wisdom.’ The conclusion should be obvious.

Maxine Waters, clueless Alexandra Casio-Cortez, Socialist/Communist Bernie Sanders, crocodile-tears Chuck Schumer or Elizabeth Warren are just a few that come to mind. Yet the media never disputes their outrageous claims, their incitement to violence or their false sense of indignant morality. Nary a word of criticism. Why?

What do I call the media? Don’t make me laugh. It’s obvious. The majority of Americans are sick and tired of the ugly conspiracy to destroy the president, a campaign led, nurtured and driven by the media, the same media that has turned Americans against it and now begs to differ. It’s too late. Enough! 

Three-hundred editorials (or six-hundred, if it comes to it) in its own defense don’t change the ugly fact that President Trump is right.

The verdict? No contest.

The mainstream US media IS the enemy of the people.