France is a ticking time bomb
France is a ticking time bomb

France is a time bomb. Read what happens in a large area of ​​Paris, Seine-Saint-Denis, with its 1.6 million inhabitants. Not only that about 40 percent of its residents are of the Islamic faith. Not only that 28 percent are on the verge of poverty.

According to a new parliamentary report just released and revealed by Le Figaro, between 8 and 20 percent of its inhabitants are illegal immigrants (they could be up to 400,000). The report details what the conservative newspaper Le Figaro describes as “the incredible deterioration of social, economic and security conditions” in the area. An estimated 550 migrants arrive in Paris each week. 

In the Basilica of Saint-Denis lie the kings of France. Nearby, Islamic clothing stores, Islamic restaurants, halal bookshops proliferate. It goes without saying that the department, which has been historically the home of French Jewry., is fast becoming Judenfrei: free of its Jews.

The French state ignores what is happening there.  By now, this is not Europe anymore.

Meanwhile, France is burning. A revolt erupted in Nantes after the police killed a twenty-year-old fellow. And the banlieue caught fire. These are the “lost territories of the Republic”, lost to Islamization, gangs, criminals, Salafists, the third generation of migrants, the thugs. 

There are hundreds of them in the Douce France.

These are decades of failures. Failed integration, social housing, subsidies, socialist paternalism, third-world commiseration, sense of guilt for the decolonization, anti-French ideology.

One day this hatred will invade the Parisian Left Bank. Will the bien-pensants then shoot to defend their luxury penthouses?