TG4I: Hats off to the Haredim
TG4I: Hats off to the Haredim

As the nation debates the role of Haredim in the military, the workforce, and in society as a whole, we often tend to focus on what we feel they should be doing. As an unintended result, we forget all the things they are doing and the national duties we neglect which they faithfully perform.

Let’s celebrate 8 reasons why we should all give a cheer to Israel’s Men in Black:

1. They learn Torah and make Israel worth Divine Protection. 

We love to use the term “unfair burden” when talking about how the secular and Religious-Zionist do all the fighting, but what about the other “burden” of living a Torah life? How many secular Jews dedicate a portion of their day to Torah study? How many nationalist Jews dedicate as much of their day to serve Hashem? Is it in the same proportion as the Haredi community?

That they make their communities Holy gives our True Protector an added reason to continue to bless us with open miracles that is the lifeblood, literally, of our national existence.  

2. They fend off the Arab demographic threat by having huge families. 

The entire argument that Arabs pose a demographic threat is a scam. The notion that we need to give them land to keep a demographic balance is complete nonsense. Over the past 50 years, the Arab birth rate has plummeted 65% while the Jewish birthrate has overtaken them.

The only reason why the Jewish population of Eretz Yisrael is holding steady at 75% and is because the Haredim have large families. They are the reason why the potential demographic bomb has been disarmed and dismantled.

3. They are the reason for so many new citizens, soldiers, and Jews.

Chabad. Aish HaTorah. Breslov. These are all Haredi inspired and run movements who have taken millions of Jews who would have likely married non-Jews and disappeared into the American picture and preserved their identity.

How many Jews from the Diaspora returned to the faith, moved to Israel, got married, became soldiers, settlers, Yeshiva Students, mommies, daddies, hi-tech entrepreneurs, Rabbis, and outreach workers themselves because of the Haredim?

I should know. My wife and I returned to the faith, moved to Israel, and Baruch Hashem, have wonderful Israeli children because of the outreach work done by our Haredi brothers and sisters.

We are not the only patriotic Israelis to benefit from their self-sacrifice.

4. They enable us to divert resources to other national security needs.

In Bnei Brak, a city of almost 200,000 people, there is not a single police station. We need less security in Haredi areas because they are such law-abiding citizens. 

5. They develop vital areas of the country where we need people.

Arad. Tiberius. Afula Elit. Shomron. Gush Etzion. Jerusalem.

These are all cities where it is much harder to find a good job. The Haredim are building up all of these areas, populating them and making sure the Jewish population of the northern periphery, the Negev Desert, and our eternal Capital are represented well by the Jewish People. 

6. They keep all of us holy. 

Without the Haredim, Saturday might not be that different from Sunday or Friday.

They fight to make sure that we all enjoy the island in time called Shabbat. Even secular families take their time off on this holiest of days. Every Shabbat morning, the streets of Netanya, Afula, and even Haifa look like ghost towns, devoid of almost all vehicles.

At least half of the eateries and all of the major supermarket chains are Kosher due to the political pressure they put on the government to let the unified Rabbinate maintain standards. Thanks to them, Kosher food is affordable, and in most cases, cheaper than the alternative. 

7. They have been here from the start.

Haredim have been part of Israel since before the founding of the State. The haredi Old Yishuv in Jerusalem lived on charity from abroad, but they never left.

8. They are joining the army. 

The current enlistment rate among Haredim is 28%. That's almost half the rate of the rest of the country, but the number is rising. 10 years ago, there was a single Haredi unit in the IDF. Today there is an entire Haredi battalion.

The contributions our Haredi brothers and sisters have made to the State, the contributions they make to this very day are as invaluable as any other community.

We should take our hats off to them – although out of respect, it may be preferable to keep them on.

Living in Israel for over 15 years, I want to share with you the real story. The country I live in is happy, laid back, focused, and rich in so many areas of life. It is my greatest desire to share with you all the emotional, physical, and spiritual wealth the State of Israel offers, and to give you a taste of the sublime happiness we all feel here each and every day. My name is David Ben Horin and this is my treasure trove of the Land of Israel.