A numbers game to save Gaza
A numbers game to save Gaza

Solving the Gaza humanitarian crisis is simply a numbers game.

Current solutions have included pouring money in, opening and closing border crossings, military responses to warmongering, plans to build a seaport, uprooting nearby Israeli towns, withdrawal by Israel from the whole area and declarations from all over the world that peace is the aim as Gazans become poorer and more desperate.

None of these solutions have had any effect other than to protect the sovereignty of neighbouring Israel.  

However there one solution that will solve the crisis – permanently. That solution is the exact opposite of what has been done in the past and what is being done today.  To understand why this is an answer it is important to first understand the history of the current crisis.


Many years ago the United Nations irrationally decided that refugees who had left Israel during the 1948 War of Independence are to be treated differently than all other refugees in the world.  They set up UNWRA – an agency dedicated specifically to perpetuate that refugee problem as opposed to resettling them.

A huge budget was allocated out of the general UN budget to support them and their descendants  with food, education and all necessities whilst this population grew exponentially. Families of ten and twelve children were the norm until recently, only recently dropping to just over four children per woman.   

UNWRA pays locals to administer each other and the UNWRA budget. These, the second and third generations became the teachers, health workers, organisers and all types of employees needed in an economy. Their agenda was supported by the neighbouring Arab states as they took on a stance that was anti-Israel, educating generations of children to hate. Those living in refugee camps also administered by the UNWRA budget moved to buildings in that area, albeit still designated as camps. Those groups in neighbouring Arab countries were forbidden to obtain citizenship or work in many occupations or to hold positions in civil and defence services.

This agenda materialized into a fully-blown anti-Israel movement, encouraged by Yassar Aarafat who dubbed them “Palestinians” when the true Palestinians happened to be the Jews who lived in the area before seven Arab armies attacked Israel in 1948.  The Jews were the Palestinians, the Arabs were simply Arabs. But Aarafat, whose personal assets totalled over 100 millionm garnered support for his idea that the few hundred thousand original  Arab refugees added to their descendants, now numbering in the millions, should fight to return to their old homes.

The great brainwash began in Gaza and in the Arab communities living in the Land of Israel, the historic home of the Jews. This is the basis of what is now called the Israel-Palestinian problem.

Efforts to solve this problem have come to nothing, even with Israel giving full autonomy and exiting Gaza a few years ago. The results have been disastrous for the people of Gaza who are now ruled by Hamas, a militant organization dedicated to war with Israel.


With the aim of peace, there is one solution that is in the hands of the United Nations, one that will not only give the people of Gaza and their children good and healthy lives but will save the people of the world the huge waste of money that is now being used to effectively make war and impoverish people.

Over the next ten years the United Nations can and should resettle the majority of people in Gaza into other countries, including wealthy Arab ones.  Beginning with the well-educated Gazans under 45 and their families, continuing with people of child-bearing age.  This will leave those over fifty years of age to be supported by their expats who have left for overseas.

If thirty countries took a minimum of five thousand people every year that would equal 1.5 million people exiting Gaza over ten years, for a chance for a good life elsewhere. It is simply a numbers game, so instead of perpetuating misery the United Nations can work to disband UNWRA and do what they have done with other refugees.     

The people of Gaza are so desperate in their current situation that they are an easy target for local leaders who have no qualms in sending them to their deaths, even offering their families cash when they choose suicide, rather than offering them life. That good life is available in Canada, Germany, Australia, the Scandinavian countries, many Arab countries and more.

Countries contributing to the United Nations as well as donors to agencies assisting Gazans should be aware that they are funding a country based on warmongering, with a high birth-rate compounding the refugee problem and one which will soon bankrupt their good efforts.

It is no excuse to bring up the fact that there is already a huge refugee crisis. That is irrelevant when the number of Gazans represent only a small percentage of the total refugee numbers   There is enough food, work and space in our world to solve this problem. There have always been great shifts in population. Newcomers work hard, contributed to societies whilst their offspring in their new countries successfully integrate into their new environment.  

It is time for the media to stop complaining about the poor people of Gaza and to face reality.  The political structure of the United Nations which supports wholesale perpetuation of one particular refugee group is so unrealistic that it could eventually lead to the unravelling and disintegration of the UN. Indeed, the US is already withdrawing from parts of this organisation.  We could easily see the same pattern as the demise of the League of Nations last century.

It could eventually lead to the unravelling and disintegration of the UN. Indeed, the US is already withdrawing from parts of this organisation.  We could easily see the same pattern as the demise of the League of Nations last century.
No amount of media propaganda will change the lives of Gazans. No monies spent on tunnel building and the dedication to a useless guerrilla-type war will make any difference to the man in the street in Gaza. Useless attempts to draw world attention by sending incendiary devices to burn wheat fields and forests in Israel are only harming the environment. At the same time Israel has successfully met threats from Hamas by using its superior technological abilities which have made it the first country in the world to overcome guerrilla-type warfare.

Rather than continue funding UNWRA, which only encourages the misery of just under two million people, the time has come for honest and caring leaders who really want peace to make the move to resettle this population just as the UN has done with the other refugee groups all over the world.