The US Left is the greatest existential threat facing Israel
The US Left is the greatest existential threat facing Israel

Since the Iranian revolution in 1979 and the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini’s ascent to power, the Islamic fanatic regime in Iran has been hallucinating about wiping Israel off the map. The effort this regime has been investing in acquiring nuclear power status has only reinforced the idea expressed in the daily declarations driven by their religiously sanctified dictate. It offers more credibility to their genocidal intentions.

They meant what they said; it has not been an empty forewarning.

There is no doubt, Iran poses a grave threat to the Jewish State, but this menace — thanks to the formidable might of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF)—does not prevent Israeli citizens from carrying on with their daily routines, and assume normal life activities.

Unfortunately, there is a greater threat. It is relatively unremarkable at the moment, but it keeps on inching and worming forward, and once there, it would wreak catastrophic consequences on the Jewish State. This looming jeopardy could potentially become the greatest existential threat Israel has ever faced.

This greater threat is the growing clout and influence of the Far-Left movement within the Democratic Party in the US. The recent shocking upset of Octazio-Cortez’s victory in the New York Democratic Party Primary election over House Democrat Joe Crowly, has only served to underscore that fact. Ms. Cortez has been a devout supporter of Bernie Sanders, another self-hating Jew, and she has already made clear where her heart goes home for the night by voicing her negative opinion of Israel and her support for the Palestinian Arab cause.

What’s more, voices and influence of BDS and the many anti-Israel and anti-Semitic movements on campuses all over the US have been rising, and the anti-Trump crusade has been getting louder and louder as the Democratic Party’s shift to the far-left gains persistent momentum.

Left-leaning ideology is an ideology obsessed with rooting for the underdog, the poor, the deprived, the loser whether his cause is just or not. As a rule, the flag bearers of this standpoint are quite aggressive—even to the point of turning violent—in their quest for saving the world from its "villains". They represent David against Goliath, Don Quixote against the windmills—or so they believe.

It is true that the state of Israel used to be a favorite among many left leaning personalities until it won the Six-Day War in 1967. That war changed the geography of the Middle East. Israel’s, unexpected, but magnificent triumph, over several, better-equipped Arab enemies, transformed her image from the underdog to the "occupier".

All of a sudden, the notion of an Arab Palestine, which had never existed, took the smallest community of the huge Arab nation and turned it into a self-declared nation. By concentrating on the Palestinian Arabs alone, a splinter set of Goliath’s teeth, a former aggressor turned loser became a favorite of the left, while the winner, the former underdog, the David, became the villain—It had won and therefore it was no longer the smaller fry.

Many American Jews dwell on Jewish history of persecution, of being placed at the bottom of the pecking order, of being the perpetual underdog. Naturally, they vote for democrats on Election Day; they support civil rights movements; they stir to the front row when defending ethnic minorities like African Americans, Hispanics, or even illegal immigrants, and they criticize the state of Israel’s attempts to defend itself against terror inflicted by the so-called Palestinian “underdogs”.

Being far-left has become equivalent to being anti-Israel. Consequently, American Jews are abandoning Israel en masse. The present anti-Trump sentiment may help the Democrats capture a Congressional seats if not a majority in the next November elections. Trump may even become a single-term president at the conclusion of the 2020 elections; he may be replaced by a Bernie Sanders-type and an administration hostile to Israel.

The unfortunate blind spot that many far-left Jews fail to grasp is the fact that once these underdogs gain power, they turn against those same Jews who helped elevate their status from the deprived loser to a respected and equal being.

These far-left Jews fail to comprehend the simple fact that their anti-Israel stand combined with their support

These far-left Jews fail to comprehend the simple fact that their anti-Israel stand combined with their support for eternal losers may backfire...
for eternal losers may backfire; they fail to realize that equating “Good” with the underdogs and the losers, “Evil” with the successful and the winners, is not always proper. Losers, in most cases, and especially when referring to the Palestinians, have brought the misery upon themselves through their own actions, and the successful, especially the State of Israel, more often than not, have worked hard and legitimately before attaining their status. Of course, there are cases to the contrary, nevertheless, profiling by picking “good” and “evil” based on “poor” and “successful” respectively, is ironic, wrong and improper.

Can you imagine an American support or even an initiative for an anti-Israel resolution in the UN Security Council? Can you imagine a denial of financial aid, a denial of military support, or even a pro-BDS agenda exercised by a future US government?

Can Israel, as we know it today, even exist in the face of a far-left hostile American leadership?

Something must be done, and soon, if Israel is to avoid such a scenario. Israel must launch a massive campaign intended to make sure that the American public and especially American Jews take into account the fate of Israel when they step inside the voting booth next November and the following Novembers in years to come.

If Israel’s existence is important to you, the American voter, take it into account when you consider voting for your political candidate in the coming elections.